Product Updates

New October 19, 2020

Advertising Menu

(Beta-only): The Home page has a new Advertising menu with 2 tabs, Campaigns, and Reports, to help you manage your Amazon advertising campaigns and view filtered reports. (Requires the client setting Enable Amazon Advertising API.)

New October 16, 2020

Pending Walmart Orders

You can now download and reserve pending Walmart orders by registering for a subscription on the Walmart Marketplace Settings.

Improvement October 16, 2020

Skublox Status

You can view your Skublox Status on the Statuses panel of the Order Details page.

New October 13, 2020

Business Name

Business Name is now available as a custom column on the Manage Order page.

Improvement October 12, 2020

Import Mapping Profiles

You can access the Import Mapping Profile Details page from your Manage Import Mapping Tool page: Go to your Manage Import Mapping Profiles page > Search for your profile > Click your profile.