Product Updates: Sellercloud > Reports

Improvement September 19, 2023

Additional Order Fees

We have updated our Reporting Logic when it comes to the additional order fees we receive from Marketplaces. For example, the eBay Ad Fee used to be considered an adjustment, and not part of the original Order P&L, even though eBay charges this per order. Going forward, any such fees will be accounted for accordingly, giving you an even more accurate Profit and Loss calculation. You will see the column Total Fees in all P&L Reports, which includes the additional charges in its calculation. When you export the Report to Excel, there will be a further breakdown and the column Misc Fees, where you will see the eBay Add Fee.

Fix September 12, 2023

Split Orders in Reports

When you Split an Order in Sellercloud, the original (Parent Order) retains all of the payment information and the true order total, while a full discount is applied to the Child Order, and it is marked as Fully Paid, so it can be fulfilled. While this logic remains, we have introduced some changes to how Split Orders are accounted for in our Profit and Loss (P&L), Order, and Sales Reports. Going forward, instead of displaying the 100% discount on the Child Orders, all Reports that include Order Payment information will factor in exactly how the Orders were split and distribute the payments and tax accordingly, giving you a precise breakdown and the most accurate results.

Improvement May 31, 2023

Inventory Aging Report: Improved Calculation

We’ve made some improvements to our Inventory Aging Report! The report previously calculated aging for the current “Inventory Available Qty” on the Product (the available qty displayed on the product summary page). Inventory Available Qty was based on the sum of all available qty from all sellable warehouses and included dropship warehouses. As of May 18, the Inventory Aging Report now includes non-sellable warehouses and excludes dropshipping and interim warehouses. We will soon roll out the option to filter out unsellable warehouses and FBA / WFS inventory as well. Stay tuned!

Improvement May 5, 2022

P&L Adjustment

There’s a P&L adjustment for the CA eWaste Fee (MarketplaceFacilitatorRegulatoryFee-Principal) from the Amazon settlement report.