Product Updates: Memalia

Improvement May 2, 2022

Order Emails

We have added support for email placeholders #?FromName?# #?FromEmail?# when sending emails from orders.

Fix November 23, 2021

Amazon Unshipped Orders Inquiries

Now when you receive an Inquiry from an Amazon customer about an order that is not shipped you have the option to set the order as On Hold.

Improvement December 23, 2020

Order Return Post Note

The new Post Note for Order Return option will read a customer’s return reason from Amazon’s order return email and add it as a note to the order in Sellercloud.

Improvement December 22, 2020

Buyer-Cancelled Orders

Buyer-cancelled orders in eBay or Walmart will send cancellation emails to sellers, triggering Memaila to put those orders on hold in Sellercloud. (This option can be enabled/disabled.)