Product Updates: Sellercloud > Purchasing

New March 12, 2024

Vendor Transactions

You can now view Transactions linked to specific POs from the Vendor Details page. When you go to Toolbox > Purchase Orders, if there are recorded payments, you can open the PO dropdown to see the Transaction Type, Method Amount, and Pay Date.

Fix November 24, 2023

Shipping Container Name Validation

We have added a new Client Setting called Do Not Allow Duplicate PO Container Names. When enabled, it will enforce a Shipping Container Name validation, preventing you from creating a Shipping Container if the name already exists in your account.

Improvement November 22, 2023

Predictive Purchasing and FBA Restocking: Last Year

We have added a new option to our Enhanced FBA Restock Report and the Enhanced Predictive Purchasing Report. On the last row of the Level 2 view, you will see Last Year. This row allows you to reference the Days of order from this time last year. For example, if you select 30 Days of Order, you will see the quantity sold within 30 days of today’s date last year. The same time period will also appear highlighted in yellow in the graph. This option can be especially useful when preparing for the busy season or for any seasonal sales and items.

Fix September 5, 2023

Case Quantity on Purchase Orders

Our Case Quantity Workflow allows you to configure Costs, Quantities, and Shipping Dimensions for products you sell and purchase per case. These can be set on two separate product levels: General and Vendor Product. We have tweaked the logic for Purchase Orders, to make sure that whenever you add an item to a Case Quantity-Enabled PO, we will prioritize the Vendor-level quantity, and only if there is none, we will use the general product case quantity configuration.

New August 4, 2023

Vendor Default Warehouse

You are now able to configure two separate Default Warehouses for your Vendors. “Default Warehouse For DropShip” refers to the Warehouse that will be automatically set on Dropship POs, and “Default Warehouse For Regular PO” lets you set a default receiving warehouse for Purchase Orders.