Product Updates: Sellercloud > Purchasing

Improvement February 23, 2023

Credit Memos

Credit Memos can now be shipped from Bin-enabled Warehouses in Sellercloud. When shipping a Credit Memo from a Bin-Enabled Warehouse, the memo will first have the status Picked (after you have picked your products with Skustack), and subsequently, you will be able to ship it.

New February 10, 2023

Vendor Defaults – Payment Terms

Payment Terms have been added to the Vendor Defaults to be populated on all newly created vendors. This enhancement will streamline the vendor onboarding process and ensure consistent payment terms are applied across all new vendors. You can access the page by navigating to Purchasing > Vendors > Vendor Defaults.

Improvement February 1, 2023

FBA Planning

FBA Plannings can now be created from an existing PO. As products are received, Sellercloud updates the FBA Planning page with the products on the related PO or split PO.

Improvement January 25, 2023

Serial Numbers on PO

When importing Serial Numbers on a PO, a Queued Job will now be created to track the progress. This enhancement aims to provide a more transparent and traceable workflow by generating a Queued Job that will effectively monitor the process.

New January 13, 2023

PO to FBA Planning

The ability to “Add to PO (with PO FBA Planning)” in Predictive Restocking is now available in Delta. The PO FBA Planning page can be opened directly by going to Purchasing > Tools  > PO to FBA Planning. This page shows a list of all previous plannings and related POs, FBA Plannings can also be imported using the template provided.

Improvement January 6, 2023

FBA Planning Export

Export to excel option has been added to the Select Action dropdown on the PO FBA Plannings details page. This helps you seamlessly extract and analyze your data for enhanced insights and reporting capabilities.