Get the most out of Sellercloud with our advanced solutions

Unique tools and options that help you manage your e-commerce business.
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Custom Inventory Feeds

Calculates how much inventory should go to each channel based on custom rules and predefined criteria.

Intelligent Repricing

Reprices products based on inventory aging, sales velocity, profit margins, and other custom rules.

Automatically create POs based on sales forecasting

By analyzing historical order data, Sellercloud predicts demand for products and can be configured to automatically create POs for low inventory items in anticipation of sales.

Link orders to POs for simplified dropshipping

Orders can be easily linked to POs so that PO status changes are automatically reflected on the orders as well. This is especially helpful for merchants who do a lot of dropshipping.

Lot and Expiration tracking

Track lot numbers and expiration dates for your perishable inventory items. From receiving through fulfillment, keep your inventory fresh and sellable.

Serial number tracking

Track serialized products from receiving through fulfillment. Monitor their movement through all workflows and prevent fraudulent returns..

Scheduled tasks

Do-it-yourself automation with intuitive mapping tools and scheduled tasks.

Direct SQL access for custom reporting

A dedicated server allows your team unparalleled flexibility in report building by providing read-only access to your database.

Integration with powerBI for deep data analysis

Our PowerBI integration allows you to create powerful diagrams, charts, reports and more for actionable and valuable insights from your data.

Customize complex inventory calculations

Utilize your own business logic to make inventory calculations that tailored for you unique business needs.