Graham-Field integration

Become a Graham-Field supplier with Sellercloud.

Key Features

Product updates

Download and update your whole Graham-Field product catalog into Sellercloud.

Dropship orders

Send orders to Graham-Field to be shipped directly to the customer.

Order download

Easily create new product listings and update pricing across channels.

Inventory and price updates

Schedule inventory and price updates and create inventory rules to prevent overselling.

Tracking updates

Once you ship an order tracking information is sent to the sales channels that you are using.

Take control of your business

Eliminate the need for separate solutions by managing your data on a single platform.

Start dropshipping

Send your orders to Graham-Field to be fulfilled and shipped to the customer.

Start dropshipping with Graham-Field and Sellercloud

Graham-Field, or GF Heath Products, is a manufacturer and distributor of medical products, distributing its own internationally recognized product lines of healthcare products.

With a full dropship integration, you can market GF products and automate the dropship request process. A vendor feed will create GF products in your Sellercloud catalog, with periodic inventory availability updates.

Pre-configured saved searches can select orders and send them to Graham-Field to be fulfilled and shipped directly to the customer. Shipping confirmation will be automatically retrieved from GF to update the order status.

Please note: While the basic integration structure remains the same, individual clients may need to customize the import and export plugins to meet their specific requirements. Regular customization rates will apply. Please contact Sellercloud Support for more details.