Product Updates: Shipbridge

New December 8, 2023

DHLeC Parcel International Direct DDU

We have added a new Shipbridge setting called Use Parcel International Direct as DDU when applicable. When enabled, you will have the option to ship your international orders with DHLeC Parcel International Direct DDU instead of DDP. The Rate calculator will also display the DDU rate for the orders this option applies to. Whether you can ship an order as DDU is determined by the destination country.

New November 21, 2023

Ship to Wayfair Canada Cross-dock Facilities

Recently, Wayfair has requested that a separate FedEx account number be used by partners to ship orders to Canadian cross-dock facilities. If you are not generating shipping labels directly through Partner Home and instead use Shipbridge, we have added a new Admin Setting to Use Wayfair FedEx Account for Canadian Crossdock shipments. When enabled, a box will appear where you can fill in the CA-specific FedEx account number to be billed for the labels. All other orders will still use Wayfair’s regular third-party billing account setup. Make sure you have updated to the latest Shipbridge version and contact Sellercloud Support or your onboarding specialist for assistance in setting this up.

New November 2, 2023

USPS Ground Advantage

USPS Ground Advantage has replaced the USPS First Class Package Service. If you are a Shipbridge user, make sure to update to version or newer to take advantage of all our updates that support the new service.

New October 12, 2023

Reprint Package Labels

Going forward, whenever you print a shipping label from a Shipbridge installation running the latest version, those labels will be saved on your Sellercloud server in addition to the local file path. This means you will be able to reprint any labels generated from FedEx, UPS, Endicia, and Amazon from any other Shipbrige installation. This workflow considers separate packages as well, so multiple labels per order will be accounted for and saved.

Fix September 14, 2023

Overstock Return Address

We have been informed by the Overstock  Team, who recently acquired Bed Bath & Beyond, that there are some new requirements regarding the Ship From (Return to Sender) address on outbound shipping labels. We have added a setting in Shipbridge, to make sure is not printed on the shipping label. Make sure that Use return address for all Overstock orders is disabled in the Shipping Tab of the Options in Shipbridge.


New September 1, 2023

Virtual Printer in Shipbridge

We have added a new option for saving Shipping Labels in Shipbridge. You can choose the <ShipBridge PDF Export> when configuring a Label Printer and select a file save path in the Shipping Tab > ShipBridge PDF Export Printer Settings. With this virtual printer, when you generate a shipping label, it will automatically save as a PDF in the selected folder, and the file’s name will be the Order ID.

New August 18, 2023

Package Type Scan Option

We have added a new option to the Scan and Ship Functionality in our shipping application Shipbridge. You can make package barcode scanning a mandatory step in the workflow by enabling “Require barcode scan for shipping package type”. When the package type barcode is scanned, the package dimensions will be auto-populated and the packaging material used will be saved.

Improvement August 8, 2023

Pickists in Shipbridge

When generating a Picklist directly from Shipbridge, you now have the option to enable a new column that shows the current Quantity on Hand of the ordered product. This can be useful when deciding whether to include the product in the Picklist and to know whether you are running low on stock.

Improvement July 21, 2023

Package dimensions in Shipbridge

In Sellercloud, you are able to configure the dimensions of your products and package dimensions for shipping. For orders that only have one item, and for whatever reason, they are missing package dimensions, Shipbridge will now automatically use the item dimensions to save you time and avoid mistakes.