Product updates: New

New December 8, 2023

DHLeC Parcel International Direct DDU

We have added a new Shipbridge setting called Use Parcel International Direct as DDU when applicable. When enabled, you will have the option to ship your international orders with DHLeC Parcel International Direct DDU instead of DDP. The Rate calculator will also display the DDU rate for the orders this option applies to. Whether you can ship an order as DDU is determined by the destination country.

New December 7, 2023

Back Market Inventory

We have added support for Custom Inventory Calculations for channel Back Market, controlled by the new client setting Enable Custom Inventory calculation for Backmarket. This means you can request your own custom plugin, which will calculate the sellable inventory for each of your Back Market products based on the rules set with the plugin. Sellercloud will only send the quantities defined by that calculation. This workflow only applies to the core API Back Market Integration.

New November 21, 2023

Ship to Wayfair Canada Cross-dock Facilities

Recently, Wayfair has requested that a separate FedEx account number be used by partners to ship orders to Canadian cross-dock facilities. If you are not generating shipping labels directly through Partner Home and instead use Shipbridge, we have added a new Admin Setting to Use Wayfair FedEx Account for Canadian Crossdock shipments. When enabled, a box will appear where you can fill in the CA-specific FedEx account number to be billed for the labels. All other orders will still use Wayfair’s regular third-party billing account setup. Make sure you have updated to the latest Shipbridge version and contact Sellercloud Support or your onboarding specialist for assistance in setting this up.

New November 17, 2023

Control Visibility for Backorder Quantity

You can now control whether Backorder quantities are shown on orders in When you open the company settings in the admin portal, you will see the new Show back order quantity checkbox. When enabled, the backorder quantities will be shown in the Order Information Card at the top, as well as in the SKU breakdown of each relevant order.

New November 14, 2023

Walmart DSV: Token-Based API Authentication

Walmart DSV is currently in the process of transitioning from digital signature-based API authentication to a token-based one. We have made some updates to accommodate this change.  If the necessary Admin setting is enabled for your account, you will see a new checkbox on the Walmart DSV General company settings called Enable Access Token Based Authentication. When you enable this, five new fields related to Access Token will appear, as well as two actions to Get New Access Token and Validate API Access Token. Note that both authentication types will be functional until March 2024. However, to obtain your Consumer ID and Private key for Walmart, you must contact their support team directly. You will only have access to your Client ID and Client Secret, used for the new Token-Based authentication.

New November 13, 2023

Picklist Details: Movements Tab

The Picklist Tab in Skustak Lens lets you track picking progress in real-time. If you open the Details mode, you will see the new Movements tab, which displays a live graph of picking progress, refreshed every 15 seconds, the total time spent picking, and a list of each individual related movement.