Product Updates: Skustack > Lens

Improvement November 27, 2023

Insights Movement Types: Adjustments

The Insights tab in Skustack Lens now includes Adjustments as a new Movement type. In the graph, adjustments for negative quantity are displayed below the 0 axis. The sum of adjusted amounts is also shown on the distribution chart below the graph.

New November 13, 2023

Picklist Details: Movements Tab

The Picklist Tab in Skustak Lens lets you track picking progress in real-time. If you open the Details mode, you will see the new Movements tab, which displays a live graph of picking progress, refreshed every 15 seconds, the total time spent picking, and a list of each individual related movement.

New October 30, 2023

Download Bin Movements

Skustack Lens now allows you to export your Bin Movements to an Excel Sheet. On the Movements page, search to narrow down the data and click the Download button. The file being generated will not interfere with any other operations in Skustack Lens, and you can continue working and monitoring while waiting. The exported file will contain all the same information as the grid, such as SKU, From and To Warehouses, Movement Reason, User ID, and Lot Numbers.  You can export up to 20000 movement records, and if you attempt to download more than that, the system will automatically only select the most recent 20000.

We have also added the new Date Range filter on that page to help you navigate your inventory movements even better.

New October 3, 2023

Filter by Picklist ID

We have added a Picklist fileter in the Movements Tab in Skustack Lens. Enter a Picklist ID to see all associated movements, with additional information about number of units Picked, SKU, which Order the item is for, as well as the From and To Bins.

Improvement October 2, 2023

Two-Way Movements

Some Bin Movements, for example, Order Picking and Kit Assembly, performed with Skustack, are considered “Two-Way” because they consist of deducting quantity from one bin and adding it to another. Going forward, such movements will no longer generate 2 separate lines in the Movements Tab of Skustack Lens, but will rather display only one line, with “From” and “To” Bin Names. Additionally, all such movements in the Insights tab will be indicated with an icon of two arrows pointing in opposite directions.

Improvement September 27, 2023

Time Zone

In Skustack Lens, you are able to configure at what time is the start of your workers’ business day. We have added a field that displays the time zone next to the dropdown menu on the Preferences pop-up.

New September 20, 2023

Warehouse Filter

We have added a new filter to the Picklist Tab of Skustack Lens. You can now filter by a specific Warehouse name, and both Kiosk and Details Mode will only display picklists for that Warehouse. Additionally, in both modes, you will see the Warehouse name displayed for each individual picklist.

Improvement June 29, 2023

Ehanced Data Analysis

You can now tailor Insights charts by movement, as well as see their breakdown. We also added additional comparisons to previous movements’ history, which you can see by hovering your mouse over specific details. The charts can also show a list of products with the most activities, such as picking, shipping, sorting, receiving, and more. Each card with product information will include quantities and a link to easily switch to the relevant product page in the Skustack Admin portal.

New May 30, 2023

Minute-Level Employee Distribution

Minutely Stats for Skustack Insight are now available for Employee Distribution. This helps you to have an overview of their workforce.

New May 26, 2023

Insights – New Reports Tab

The insights page now has a new Reports tab. The first section of the Reports Tab is for Empty Bins, which can be sorted between Sellable and Unsellable. The empty Bins tab displays the Bin Name, Region, Total Units Available, and Total Physical Units. The second section is Shipped and Picked Orders, with columns for Order Number, Ordered, Shipped, Station, and Channel.