Shopify integration

Our all-in-one e-commerce platform will help you manage all your Shopify listings and help you manage your orders.

Key Features

Publish listings and manage prices

Easily publish new product listings and update pricing on Shopify.

Shopify POS

Sellercloud integrates with Shopify’s POS system so you can easily keep track of your online and offline sales.

Seamless inventory updates

Sellercloud automatically updates your Shopify inventory once an order is placed.

Order download and tracking

Download all your Shopify orders and receive order tracking updates directly from Sellercloud.

Cancellations management

Easily handle order cancellations and refunds from your Sellercloud account.

Full product information management

Update all your Shopify product attributes, descriptions and categories. Manage product images and edit them in bulk.

Sync prices

With Sellercloud you can sync your website price with Amazon’s price to avoid Amazon policy violations.

Authorize and capture support

With Sellercloud you can authorize fund availability and postpone fund capture.

Expand your reach with Sellercloud and Shopify

Find the control you need

One central control panel for all your e-commerce operations.

Maximize your exposure

Reach new customers and grow your business by seamlessly selling on multiple channels.

Track your omnichannel inventory

Automatically sync stock and track your inventory levels.

Follow the trends in your business

Find out the products that are selling best and respond to demand.

Sell on your Shopify website with Sellercloud

Founded in 2006, Shopify is a user-friendly platform to create an e-commerce store website. With over 100 different templates to choose from, users have the ability to create a website to their specifications.

Sellercloud’s integration as a Shopify app makes it easy to list items to your Shopify website, whether it’s a Shopify integration for a singular listing or a multiple variation listing. Multiple website listings can be linked to a single inventoried SKU with Sellercloud’s unique shadowing capabilities. Bundling kits enables listing products both as individual products and as kits while maintaining inventory integrity.

Product attributes including description, image attributes, and categories can be managed from Sellercloud, and inventory and pricing are updated to Shopify automatically. You can also manage and process Shopify orders, including shipping and packing slips.

Join over 500 Shopify stores integrated with Sellercloud (including Shopify Plus).

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