Capacity integration

Manage all your shipping and fulfillment with Sellercloud.

Key Features

Integrated purchasing management

Export all your purchase orders from Sellercloud.

Dropship orders

Manage your Capacity dropshipping in Sellercloud.

Tracking updates

Tracking information is automatically retrieved from Capacity Fulfillment and is updated in Sellercloud.

Daily inventory synchronization

Automatically import an inventory file from Capacity and update the stock quantity in Sellercloud.

All the tools you need

Take control of your e-commerce with our all-in-one operational management platform.

Become an omnichannel merchant

Simplify your operation and start selling to more channels.

Track your omnichannel inventor

Automatically sync inventory levels across multiple channels.

Get low stock alerts

Prevent overselling with Sellercloud’s low-stock alerts.

Ship with Capacity and Sellercloud

Capacity is a logistics company that manages order fulfillment and shipping. With warehouses in California and New Jersey, fulfillment time is quick and cost-effective

Sellercloud is fully integrated with Capacity, enabling you to export purchase orders, which are required for receiving, and export orders for fulfillment. Sellercloud will automatically receive a notification when products are received in Capacity’s warehouses and will update inventory in Sellercloud accordingly. Likewise, shipping confirmation and tracking numbers will be updated automatically after the order is shipped.

Additionally, an inventory file can be imported automatically from Capacity to update the quantity in Sellercloud on a daily basis.

Please note: While the basic integration structure remains the same, individual clients may need to customize the import and export plugins to meet their specific requirements. Regular customization rates will apply. Please contact Sellercloud Support for more details.

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