Sell on Back Market

Our all-in-one e-commerce platform will help you manage all your Back Market listings.

Key Features


Utilize the Back Market buybox matching feature by setting a minimum price in Sellercloud.

Access International Marketplaces

Sell in the EU and access more customers internationally.

Product publishing

Add new products to your Back Market catalog through Sellercloud.

Tracking updates

Order tracking information is automatically updated on Back Market.

Automatic inventory and price updates

Your Sellercloud catalog is synced to your Back Market account so information is updated automatically.

Automatic order download

Seamlessly download all your Back Market orders into Sellercloud.

Back Market formatted label and packing slips

Use packing slips and labels that are formatted specifically for Back Market.

Find the control you need

One central control panel for all your e-commerce operations.

Maximize your exposure

Reach new customers and grow your business by seamlessly selling on multiple channels.

Track your omnichannel inventory

Automatically sync stock and track your inventory levels across channels

Use data to make better decisions

Find out the products that are selling best and respond to demand.

Sell on Back Market with Sellercloud

Back Market is the world’s first marketplace dedicated to selling refurbished and certified used products. With all products being sold only by certified professionals, buyers can shop with confidence knowing that all products are covered with a 6 months warranty.

Back Market has opened the virtual doors to its American online store, bringing US consumers the quality, service, user experience and general sense of sanity that has made it a favorite of European buyers of smartphones, tablets, computers and other electronic products.

Sellercloud automatically updates the inventory of your products on Back Market. Back Market inventory orders are automatically brought into Sellercloud and can be managed, processed and shipped from within Sellercloud. Product creation is also very easy with the help of customized product creation templates for Back Market.