Unparalelled visibility into your business with Sellercloud’s reporting dashboard

We provide a wide range of reports to give you the insights you need for every part of your business. Make your data work for you in ways you never imagined.

Sellercloud’s reporting module gives you better insight into your business. You have centralized access to all of your data – from item costs to sales, commissions, shipping fees, and so much more.

Custom and pre‑made reports at your fingertips

Monitor your margins, trends, and performance KPI’s to make informed strategic decisions for your business.

Know your top-selling products and get detailed reports on sales performance per product.

Review sales performance

Gain insights on how your products are performing across all channels.

Average cost per product

Always know your average costs by averageing in your container costs, tariffs and other associated fees with your POs for each product.

Track P&L for every order

Identify your bottom line based on revenues, COGS, and all other order related expenses on a per order basis or summarized per channel, product, and various other groupings.

Inventory reports

Track inventory turnover and get a detailed breakdown of inventory per product or warehouse, including the value of your inventory, product aging, and more.

Settlement reconciliation

Run reports to reconcile money disbursed by Amazon and/or Walmart Marketplace with your sales activity recorded on Selllercloud.

Zero in on why orders get canceled

Calculate your Order Fill Rate and track the percentage of orders your company successfully ships versus canceled orders.

Review shipping costs

Know exactly how much you spend on order fulfillment.

Track returns and refunds

Keep track of the dispositon of returned items and refunds issued per company or per order.

Track delivery status

Find out how many of your orders are Fulfilled Early, On Time and how many are Fulfilled Late.

Track non-order-related transactions

Be informed about your FBA inbound shipping fees and subscription fees.

Track tax collection

Track taxes collected, as they relate to sales and merchandise.

Review A/R aging details

Get reports on accounts receivable aging by order, for all customers or a specific one.