Amazon Shipping integration

Simplify your shipping process with Amazon’s in-house shipping service.

Key Features

Amazon logistics advantage

In times of high shipping volume when other carriers are too busy, you can rely on Amazon logistics as a back-up.

Customer support

When using FBA or Seller Fulfilled Prime Amazon takes care of customer support for you.

Gain access to other Amazon programs

Lockers, Fresh, Flex and Prime Air are all programs you can take advantage of when using Amazon Shipping.

More control, less hassle

Manage everything from one centralized platform.

Make shipping easier

Get the best rates with Amazon’s in-house shipping

Ship with Amazon Shipping and Sellercloud

Sellercloud’s Amazon Shipping integration helps you efficiently take care of your orders while taking advantage of the biggest online marketplace.

Through Sellercloud’s Amazon Shipping integration all of your shipments can be sent out using Amazon’s in-house logistics. If you are using either Seller Fulfilled Prime or FBA you will be able to take advantage of Amazon’s item and customer support.

Amazon Shipping can also be quite handy when other major shipping carriers are already overwhelmed with the sheer volume of shipments. Making your customers happy is important, so Amazon’s own delivery service can be a great option in busy seasonal holidays and promotions.