Product Updates

Improvement September 21, 2023

Order Rule Engine

We have improved the manual execution process for our Order Rule Engine. You are now able to customize which rules to execute, with the option to select All, including disabled rules, or to enter specific Rules, regardless of their enabled status. This will be particularly useful for testing newly created rules, or if you want to manually run them on specific orders in special cases.

New September 20, 2023

Warehouse Filter

We have added a new filter to the Picklist Tab of Skustack Lens. You can now filter by a specific Warehouse name, and both Kiosk and Details Mode will only display picklists for that Warehouse. Additionally, in both modes, you will see the Warehouse name displayed for each individual picklist.

Improvement September 19, 2023

Additional Order Fees

We have updated our Reporting Logic when it comes to the additional order fees we receive from Marketplaces. For example, the eBay Ad Fee used to be considered an adjustment, and not part of the original Order P&L, even though eBay charges this per order. Going forward, any such fees will be accounted for accordingly, giving you an even more accurate Profit and Loss calculation. You will see the column Total Fees in all P&L Reports, which includes the additional charges in its calculation. When you export the Report to Excel, there will be a further breakdown and the column Misc Fees, where you will see the eBay Add Fee.

Improvement September 18, 2023

Amazon Order Cancellation Reason

Sellercloud now captures the Cancellation reason given by customers on Seller Central for orders for which the buyer initiated the cancellation. The Amazon order in Sellercloud will be put On Hold, and the reason will be added to the Order Notes.

Improvement September 15, 2023

Order Rule Engine

We have added new options to the Order Rule Engine. For orders containing Bundle (Kit) Items, you are now able to set conditions checking the component information, as well as the Kit Parent Itself. We have added:

  • Order Kit Item Brand
  • Order Kit Item Manufacturer
  • Order Kit Item Product Group
  • Order Kit Item Product ID
  • Order Kit Item Product Type

Fix September 14, 2023

Overstock Return Address

We have been informed by the Overstock  Team, who recently acquired Bed Bath & Beyond, that there are some new requirements regarding the Ship From (Return to Sender) address on outbound shipping labels. We have added a setting in Shipbridge, to make sure is not printed on the shipping label. Make sure that Use return address for all Overstock orders is disabled in the Shipping Tab of the Options in Shipbridge.


Improvement September 14, 2023

“Send to Amazon”

When managing your FBA Inbound Shipments, there are various requirements and restrictions that need to be adhered to. One notable example of this is the “Send to Amazon” Status. Amazon does not allow managing or editing FBA Inbound Shipments both in Seller Central directly and via API (from Sellercloud). Any Shipments that have been edited on Amazon will receive this status in Sellercloud, and you will not be able to make any more edits via API. We have added a warning banner on the FBA Inbound Shipment details page, in addition to the existing Shipment Notes, which will display this status per FBA Shipment ID, making it easier to identify such cases.

Fix September 13, 2023

Estimated Shipping Cost

Sellercloud is able to use previous shipping data in order to provide an Estimated Shipping Cost for your orders as a placeholder value in your P&L reports. However, we have made an update to the logic, to make sure that any sales channels that are configured to use Third Party Shipping, will be excluded from this functionality, and they will be automatically checked on the “Predict Order Shipping Cost Exclusion” Company Settings page. We have done this in order to make sure that your Order Profit & Loss is accurate and that there are no unnecessary Shipping Costs associated with orders fulfilled through a third-party account.