Product Updates

Improvement November 15, 2023

Import WFS Returns

We have updated the way Sellercloud handles WFS Returns. Previously, we were not able to import them safely, as they would cause inventory discrepancies. However, we have updated the logic so that once the return is finalized on Walmart, we import it into Sellercloud and create an RMA with status Closed. This way, your Profit & Loss data will be accurate, and you will have complete order records in Sellercloud. To use this feature, contact Sellercloud Support or your onboarding specialist to ensure that the Admin setting EnableWFSReturnsAndCreateRMA is configured on your server.

New November 14, 2023

Walmart DSV: Token-Based API Authentication

Walmart DSV is currently in the process of transitioning from digital signature-based API authentication to a token-based one. We have made some updates to accommodate this change.  If the necessary Admin setting is enabled for your account, you will see a new checkbox on the Walmart DSV General company settings called Enable Access Token Based Authentication. When you enable this, five new fields related to Access Token will appear, as well as two actions to Get New Access Token and Validate API Access Token. Note that both authentication types will be functional until March 2024. However, to obtain your Consumer ID and Private key for Walmart, you must contact their support team directly. You will only have access to your Client ID and Client Secret, used for the new Token-Based authentication.

New November 13, 2023

Picklist Details: Movements Tab

The Picklist Tab in Skustak Lens lets you track picking progress in real-time. If you open the Details mode, you will see the new Movements tab, which displays a live graph of picking progress, refreshed every 15 seconds, the total time spent picking, and a list of each individual related movement.

Improvement November 13, 2023

Enabled Channels for Shadows

We have added a new column on the Shadows panel on the Shadow Toolbox page in Manage Catalog. You will now be able to see which channels each Shadow product is enabled for without having to navigate around in the interface. This is a great quick reference, and you can also click on any of the icons to be taken to that channel-specific properties page of the Shadow Product.

November 10, 2023

Enhanced Searches Across the UI

The Saved Views widget on the Home Page Dashboard now has an increased capacity, showing 10 Saved views per category, increased from 5. We have also added new search options across our Delta user interface:

  • We added a filter for Vendor Alias on the Manage Vendors page and an optional column for Aliases to add to the results grid.
  • There is a new filter for Last Aggregate Date Range on the Manage Catalog and Manage Inventory pages.
  • We added an additional dropdown to the Product Group filter on the Manage POs page. You can now choose between Is In or Not In when searching by Product Group.
  • Added support for searching for SKUs with wildcard (%) on several pages: Manage FBA Shipments, Manage POs, Manage RMAs, Predictive Purchasing, and Predictive FBA Restocking.
  • The Predictive Purchasing Report can now be filtered by Product Group, with the options for Is In and Not In the selected groups.
  • On the Manage SKU to SKU Transfer page, you can now search by Product Serial Number.
  • You can now filter by Velocity Range on the Predictive Purchasing page, as well as on the Predictive Restocking for FBA and WFS pages.
Improvement November 10, 2023

Delay Order Rule Engine Client Setting

We have further updated the Delay Order Rule Engine Execution functionality. Once a Support Representative enables the necessary admin setting for your server, you can head to the Client Settings in your account and set the time for the delay in Rule Engine Execution Queue Delay In Seconds. If you enter 0, the Order Rule Engine will trigger immediately after Order Creation. We have moved this setting from the Admin level to give you more direct control over the process and allow you to change your workflow as needed.

Improvement November 9, 2023

Delay Invoice Upload for Amazon Direct Fulfillment

Our Amazon Direct Fulfillment EDI integration supports automatically sending 810 invoices for each order. However, depending on the number of orders you receive, you may experience throttling issues on Amazon’s side. For such cases, we have moved the App Setting Enable Invoice Upload Delay to the Direct Fulfillment Geneeral Company Settings page, giving you more control over which accounts the delay should apply to and the ability to enter different values for Invoice Upload Delay (seconds) so you can tailor it to each company. You will now also have the ability to disable the functionality altogether.

Improvement November 8, 2023

Added Fields to the Export Mapping Tool

We have made some new additions to our Export Mapping Tool.

For Orders:

  • You can now use two new placeholders #?CurrentTimeStamp?# (with format MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:tt) and #?CurrentTimeStampDateOnly?# (with format MM/DD/YYYY).
  • Map bvc_Package.WeightLbs to export the order package weight in lbs, as opposed to the existing column bvc_Package.Weight which exports in ounces.

For Products, we have added support for WFS Inventory fields:

  • QtySoldInfo.QtySoldWFS30 – exports number of sold units in the previous 30 days.
  • AggregatePhysicalQtyWFS – exports total WFS units.
  • AggregatePhysicalQtyWFSSellable – exports current sellable WFS units.
  • WFSInTransitQty – exports WFS In Transit units.
  • WFSAvailableQty – exports total units in stock and In Transit.
New November 7, 2023

Ship via FBA Canada – Feature Constraints

Amazon’s Multi-Channel Fulfillment Program allows sellers to choose whether the order will be fulfilled with Amazon Logistics and using a Blank Box – clear of any Amazon branding. These options are called Feature Constraints, and until recently, they were only available for domestic (US) orders. Since they became available through Amazon’s API for CA orders as well, we have added support for both options for all orders imported under your companies configured for Canada.