Product Updates

New April 22, 2024

Automate Company Settings Update

You can now create a Scheduled Task to automatically change the Safety Quantity and Fulfillment Latency values of your company’s [Channel] General Settings pages, which are used as the default values for products created under that company. This can be particularly useful when preparing your account before a holiday or any extended period of time during which you are not able to process orders.

April 18, 2024

User in Slot Details Feed

The Slot Details Feed window, which can be opened from the Activity page in Skublox Hub, now displays the user who initiated each event and its specific timestamp when you click on a slot. Hover over the time elapsed to see the date and time of the activity.

Fix April 16, 2024

Enable ship from warehouse warning

We added a new setting in the Skustack App under Settings > Warehouse Management > Picklists. When you check Enable ship from warehouse warning, the app will show a message when you attempt to pick an order which has a Ship From warehouse different than the one you are currently logged into.

New April 12, 2024

Import Products from BigCommerce

We have created a new plugin that allows you to import and create local products from BigCommerce using API, using your credentials set in the integrated company. The plugin also updates the details of products in Sellercloud if their Merchant SKUs match an active listing. Additionally, this workflow supports Variations and automatically sets the Matrix relationship.

Improvement April 10, 2024

Dashboard: Saved Views

We have improved the Saved Views widget on the Delta Dashboard (Home Page). Until now, you could see only your Saved Views related to Orders, Catalog, and Purchase Orders. We have added the option to select 3 categories from a list of 11 available ones and pin the one you would like to load on the screen by default.