Product updates: Improvement

Improvement December 6, 2023

Payment Method and Ship From Warehouse Conditions

We have added two new conditions to the Order Rule Engine:

  • Payment Method – set the rule to apply to orders with a specific Payment Method recorded (Cash, Credit Card, Check, etc.). Alternatively, you can set it to skip orders with a specific method.
  • Order Items Ship From Warehouse – all orders have a Warehouse set, from which the ordered quantities will be dedicated – the Ship From Warehouse. You can now use it as a condition for the Rule engine.
Improvement December 5, 2023

Switch Picklist while Sorting

We’ve added an option to switch between picklists in the Skublox Sorter App. When you choose to scan With picklist, you now have the ability to change the ID of the picklist you are working on directly from the scanning page. This can considerably speed up the sorting process, as opposed to previously, where you were required to disconnect from the current picklist in order to load a different one.

Improvement November 28, 2023 Support and Partial Payments

We have made some improvements to

  • You can now set up an email address from the Admin Portal, where customers can reach you directly from their link by clicking the envelope icon. Additionally, you can add up to 6 custom subjects, which will appear as pre-defined questions the customer can reply to when requesting support.


  • We have improved visibility for Partial Payments on orders. Your customers will be able to see total amount due for the included orders, as well as indicators on which order still has pending payments and a further breakdown showing the amount paid.
Improvement November 27, 2023

Insights Movement Types: Adjustments

The Insights tab in Skustack Lens now includes Adjustments as a new Movement type. In the graph, adjustments for negative quantity are displayed below the 0 axis. The sum of adjusted amounts is also shown on the distribution chart below the graph.

Improvement November 23, 2023

Export Mapping Tool Additions

We have added two new options to the Export Mapping Tool:

    • Products: You can now export physical and available (sellable) inventory for your products per Warehouse. The fields follow Warehouse_[Warehouse Name].PhysicalQty and Warehouse_[Warehouse Name].InventoryAvailableQty formats. For example, if you want to export just the current physical quantity of a product in a warehouse named Default Warehouse, the field will be called Warehouse_Default Warehouse.PhysicalQty.
    • Purchase Order (PO): If you have linked a PO with a WFS Shipment Plan or FBA Inbound Shipment, you can now map the fields Purchase.RelatedFBAShipmentNumber and Purchase.RelatedWFSShipmentNumber, which will export the associated Selelrcloud Shipment IDs.


Improvement November 22, 2023

Predictive Purchasing and FBA Restocking: Last Year

We have added a new option to our Enhanced FBA Restock Report and the Enhanced Predictive Purchasing Report. On the last row of the Level 2 view, you will see Last Year. This row allows you to reference the Days of order from this time last year. For example, if you select 30 Days of Order, you will see the quantity sold within 30 days of today’s date last year. The same time period will also appear highlighted in yellow in the graph. This option can be especially useful when preparing for the busy season or for any seasonal sales and items.

Improvement November 20, 2023

Click to Copy SKUs

We have modified the Click to Copy button on the Manage Catalog page. If you select specific SKUs from the grid, the button will only grab the checked Product IDs. If none are selected, all SKUs loaded on the page will be copied to your clipboard. We have also added this functionality to the Product Details page. Click on the SKU pill at the top left of the page, and the ID will be copied.

Improvement November 15, 2023

Import WFS Returns

We have updated the way Sellercloud handles WFS Returns. Previously, we were not able to import them safely, as they would cause inventory discrepancies. However, we have updated the logic so that once the return is finalized on Walmart, we import it into Sellercloud and create an RMA with status Closed. This way, your Profit & Loss data will be accurate, and you will have complete order records in Sellercloud. To use this feature, contact Sellercloud Support or your onboarding specialist to ensure that the Admin setting EnableWFSReturnsAndCreateRMA is configured on your server.