Product updates: Improvement

Improvement May 15, 2024

Employee Filter and Movements Mode

We have made two new additions to the Insights Tab in Skustack Lens:

  • You can now filter out the movements per specific Employee, helping you focus the information on exactly what you want to see.
  • Movements Mode – you can now choose between Total Units mode and the new Movement mode. When viewing movements, you can filter by type and see insights into each activity type.
Improvement May 7, 2024

Download All Documents

We have added the option to Download All Order and RMA Documents from the respective Toolbox tabs. Instead of downloading each file individually, you can now click the icon on the panel header,

Improvement May 6, 2024

Order Timeline in Search Results

Using the Global Search (Find Anything) in Skustack Lens provides several additional details for each result. When searching by Order ID, the modal now displays a timeline of key events. You can also hover over the Picked and Shipped pills to see an additional tooltip with information about the user, associated bins, and picklist.

Improvement May 6, 2024

Was Linked or Never Linked to PO

The Link to PO filter on the Manage Orders page now has the Was Linked or Never Linked options. When you select this, the grid will display all orders that fulfill either of the two requirements. Was Linked refers to orders that used to have an active link to a PO but no longer do. Never Linked are orders that were never linked to a Purchase Order.