Product Updates: Sellercloud > Order Management

Improvement December 6, 2023

Payment Method and Ship From Warehouse Conditions

We have added two new conditions to the Order Rule Engine:

  • Payment Method – set the rule to apply to orders with a specific Payment Method recorded (Cash, Credit Card, Check, etc.). Alternatively, you can set it to skip orders with a specific method.
  • Order Items Ship From Warehouse – all orders have a Warehouse set, from which the ordered quantities will be dedicated – the Ship From Warehouse. You can now use it as a condition for the Rule engine.
Improvement November 15, 2023

Import WFS Returns

We have updated the way Sellercloud handles WFS Returns. Previously, we were not able to import them safely, as they would cause inventory discrepancies. However, we have updated the logic so that once the return is finalized on Walmart, we import it into Sellercloud and create an RMA with status Closed. This way, your Profit & Loss data will be accurate, and you will have complete order records in Sellercloud. To use this feature, contact Sellercloud Support or your onboarding specialist to ensure that the Admin setting EnableWFSReturnsAndCreateRMA is configured on your server.

Improvement November 10, 2023

Delay Order Rule Engine Client Setting

We have further updated the Delay Order Rule Engine Execution functionality. Once a Support Representative enables the necessary admin setting for your server, you can head to the Client Settings in your account and set the time for the delay in Rule Engine Execution Queue Delay In Seconds. If you enter 0, the Order Rule Engine will trigger immediately after Order Creation. We have moved this setting from the Admin level to give you more direct control over the process and allow you to change your workflow as needed.

New November 7, 2023

Ship via FBA Canada – Feature Constraints

Amazon’s Multi-Channel Fulfillment Program allows sellers to choose whether the order will be fulfilled with Amazon Logistics and using a Blank Box – clear of any Amazon branding. These options are called Feature Constraints, and until recently, they were only available for domestic (US) orders. Since they became available through Amazon’s API for CA orders as well, we have added support for both options for all orders imported under your companies configured for Canada.

Fix November 3, 2023

Mark a Picked Order as Void Restriction

We have added a restriction regarding which orders can be marked as Void. If an order has been Partially or Fully Picked with Skustack, you will not be able to void it, as that would cause inventory discrepancies in the related Bins. To void such an order, you should first Unpick the quantities with Skustack and then go back to Sellercloud to change the order status.

Improvement October 18, 2023

Delay Order Rule Engine Execution

The Order Rule Engine is a Sellercloud feature that lets you create your own automation triggered immediately after order creation. However, in some cases, you may need to delay this for a while if, for example, there is a delay in capturing the order payment. To address such cases, you can delay the execution of the rule engine by a few seconds. This is controlled by two admin settings, which can be configured for your account by a Support Representative or your onboarding specialist.

New October 16, 2023

Post Action for Split Orders

The Order Rule Engine and Post Order plugins, are types of automation you can set up in your account that will affect an order as soon as it gets imported. By default, Sellercloud only runs them for orders imported automatically or created manually. We have added the new Client Setting “Run Post Order Plugin After Split Order” which will allow Sellercloud to also apply those Post Order Actions to a Child Split Order as soon as it is created, either manually or by another automation.

New October 6, 2023

Preview Order Documents

We have added the option to preview images attached as order documents, without having to download them first. You can find the new Eye icon on the Order Details Page > Toolbox > Documents.