Automate your purchasing workflow with Sellercloud

Effortlessly create, track, and manage purchase orders in Sellercloud.

Enhance your purchasing workflow with Sellercloud – from purchase orders to vendor communication, receiving merchandise, and reconciliation.

Track the cost of products

Automatically track the costs associated with
each item including shipping, tariffs and more.

Vendor management

Manage your vendor contact info, products, and purchase history all from one single platform.

Automatic PO creation

When inventory levels are low, Sellercloud can be configured to automatically create purchase orders.

Purchase order approval

Maintain full control by ensuring that Purchase Orders are only sent to vendors after approval.

Link a purchase order to a sales order

Manage orders from suppliers and orders from customers quickly and conveniently.

Manage containers

Organize receiving processes for a larger number of POs by putting them into shipping containers.

Automate dropshipping

A purchase order can be automatcally created for your vendor once a dropship is requested.

Track serial numbers from PO to delivery

Link an item’s serial number to the related order and customer.

Multi-warehouse support

Easily manage inventory across different locations, allocate stock to specific warehouses, and track quantities in real-time.

Lot number and expiration tracking

Track lot numbers and expiration dates for your perishable inventory items. From receiving through fulfillment, keep your inventory fresh and sellable.


Our seamless reconciliation allows you to promptly resolve discrepancies and maintain accurate records at all times.

Custom columns and documents

Easily access specific information and documents related to Purchase Orders on your customized dashboard.