Endicia integration

Handle all your USPS Endicia shipments through Sellercloud.

Key Features

Print USPS labels

You can print USPS labels for both domestic and international destinations from within Sellercloud.

Tracking updates

Order tracking information is automatically updated across all the channels you use once the postage is printed.

Dazzle integration

Take full advantage of Dazzle’s label layout files directly in Sellercloud.

Customs declarations

Customs documentation can be automatically filled out based on your specifications.

Cubic rates

Lower your shipping costs with USPS Cubic Pricing.

Rate calculations

Calculate your shipping rates directly in Sellercloud.

Address validation

Make sure there are no shipping mistakes with Sellercloud’s address validation.

RMA label creation

You can create a return label creation from within an RMA.

Endicia insurance

We make it easy for you to purchase Endicia shipping insurance within Sellercloud.

SCAN form

Sellercloud lets you generate a SCAN form for End of Day.

Simplify your shipping workflow

Manage all your shipping from one centralized platform.

Make your customers happy

Make the whole shipping process more efficient and avoid mistakes.

Ship with Endicia and Sellercloud

Endicia is an official vendor of postage for the US Postal Service. With Endicia you can print exact postage directly from your printer, saving you trips to the post office or the hassle and expense of postage meters.

Sellercloud is completely integrated with Endicia so you can print postage for all USPS domestic and international services. Sellercloud’s integration with Endicia ELS allows customers to print postage from within the Sellercloud application without having to install and configure other desktop shipping applications.

Shipping rates can be pre-calculated before purchasing postage to help you determine the best shipping option. Flat rate packages are also supported and shipping packages can be configured on a product level to be automatically selected on orders.

Shipping insurance can be purchased from Endicia or USPS, and Sellercloud can be easily configured with declared value thresholds.

Once the orders are shipped in Sellercloud, tracking is applied to the order and updated automatically to the originating sales channel.

Customs documentation for international can be customized to your specifications.

DaZzle is one of the most popular programs used to print postage for USPS shipments. Sellercloud offers a full integration with Dazzle which allows our customers the freedom to take full advantage of Dazzle’s label layout files and other features while never having to manually open DaZzle to print or modify the shipping labels.