Product Updates: Sellercloud

New May 21, 2024

Kit Cost Ratio Even Split

We have added a new client setting: Use Equal Cost Ratio On Kit Disassembly When Not Defined. When enabled, disassembling multi-component Independent kits that don’t have a cost ratio configured will split the parent’s cost evenly between all the components instead of skipping the calculation.

Fix May 16, 2024

Duties on Order

We have adjusted the logic of the Order Total panel to properly display and calculate Duties for International Orders. Additionally, duties will now be returned in the Response body when you Get All Orders via our Rest API.

New May 14, 2024

Expires On Column for Tasks

We have added an optional Expires On column on the Manage Scheduled Tasks page. You can customize your columns by clicking the three dots menu in the top right corner. Expires On displays the date you have set for the task to stop executing automatically. You can also sort the grid results by that column.

New May 13, 2024

Camera Barcode Scanning

The Sellercloud Mobile Application supports scanning barcodes with your device’s camera. This functionality is available on all pages where you can Add Products (Orders, POs, FBA) or input Serial Numbers. You can also use single-scanning in the Global Search bar, where you can scan any Product Identifier, such as SKU, UPC, Serial Number, etc. In all the mentioned cases, simply press the blue barcode icon to open the camera and start scanning.

New May 9, 2024

Wayfair EDI: Import Cancellation Requests

Our Wayfair EDI Integration now supports automatically importing Order Cancellations. While there are no specific settings to configure in Sellercloud for this workflow, you must first complete the testing process with Wayfair for the different possible scenarios.

Improvement May 7, 2024

Download All Documents

We have added the option to Download All Order and RMA Documents from the respective Toolbox tabs. Instead of downloading each file individually, you can now click the icon on the panel header,