Product Updates: Sellercloud > Rest API

New October 17, 2023

Update Customer Information API Endpoints

We have added three new PUT endpoints to our Rest API that you can use to update customer information:

  • Update Customer – this endpoint allows you to overwrite information on the Customer Details page in Sellercloud.
  • Update Customer Order Options – use this endpoint to update Customer information related to orders, such as tax consideration, pricing, fees, invoices, and discounts.
  • Update Customer Shipping Preferences – with this endpoint, you can configure the customer shipping preferences, related to preferred carriers, shipping fees, and shipping account.
New September 11, 2023

Customer Shipping Fee Endpoint

You can now update the Customer Shipping Fee and Customer Shipping Discount fields of your Sellercloud Orders via the PUT/api/Orders/{orderID}/Shipping/Details REST API Endpoint. In order for the call to work, at least one of the fields must be present and have a valid value. If the value is 0, it will be updated. The Shipping Details of Fulfilled orders can be updated via this endpoint.

New February 21, 2023

Get All Orders Call

The filterIs Settled” is now available for the Get All Orders call, allowing you to search for orders based on their settlement status.