Product Updates: Sellercloud > Inventory / Warehouse

Fix December 4, 2023

Import Kit Assembly

For Independent Kits to hold inventory, their components need to be assembled. This can be achieved in bulk via a file import for time efficiency. The Warehouse (assemble To and From) columns will now also accept Warehouse Name as values instead of only expecting the numerical Warehouse ID. This provides a bit more flexibility and ease of use.

Improvement November 6, 2023

Query Shipment Status from Amazon Restriction

We have added a safeguard when querying the status of FBA Inbound Shipments, which will prevent the shipment status from being changed to Shipped or greater unless all units have been fully picked within Sellercloud. Even if the Shipment is already Received in Seller Central, updating the status in Sellercloud before picking means you will not be able to pick any more units, and the received quantity will be deducted from the Picking Bin, leading to negative quantities. These will cause inventory discrepancies for your SKUs and in your bins. The added safeguard applies both for the automatic Shipment Status Query and the manual option in the Actions menu.

New November 2, 2023

Ship From Address Change in FBA Inbound Shipments

Going forward, when you click Edit on the FBA Inbound Shipment details page, you will see a new checkbox underneath the Ship From Warehouse field. Check Update Ship From Address To Warehouse Address to ensure that the ship from address changes along with the warehouse. We have added this new option to make editing warehouse information more streamlined and prevent potential mistakes.

New October 26, 2023

WFS Products Inconcistencies

You can now see a report showing discrepancies between your Sellercloud SKUs and Walmart Marketplace Active Listings. You can go to your Company, open the Toolbox, and click on WFS/Seller-Fulfilled Discrepancies to see which of your items are not consistently set up as WFS enabled in both Walmart and Sellercloud. This report can really help identify and fix discrepancies in your WFS products.

New October 23, 2023

Inventory Transfer Log

We have added a new page called Inventory Transfer Log. There, you can keep track of Warehouse Inventory Transfers, which SKUs were moved, the Ship From and Ship to Warehouses, as well as when and who created the movement. We have included a filter for each grid column so you can easily focus the data to find the information you need.

New October 20, 2023

BigCommerce Locations

Our BigCommerce Integration now supports Locations. You can now download your BigCommerce Locations and map them to your Sellercloud warehouses directly from the Delta Interface. This will give you better control over how your inventory is allocated and updated on your website.

New October 19, 2023

Warehouse Inventory Transfer Notes

We have added the ability to create internal notes for Warehouse Inventory Transfers. You can add a note at any point in the process, and it will be visible to anyone who has the necessary permissions to view transfers. This can be a great help in coordinating employees in different warehouses and a way to have accessible records when moving inventory.

New October 10, 2023

Predictive Restocking Level Two and Blackout Days

We have rolled out our Enhanced Predictive Restocking for FBA Report. In addition to our standard Predictive Restocking for FBA report, you will now be able to see a comprehensive Sales Graph, that displays the daily sales for the past 365 days. You can see number of orders, sales trends over time, as well as average sales velocity. Additionally, we have added a Blackout Days feature that allows you to exclude specific days, entire date ranges, or sale quantities that are above or below specific numbers from the calculation. For example, if there was a sales spike or there were no sales, you can exclude these days so they don’t skew your restocking numbers.