Product Updates: Sellercloud > Inventory / Warehouse

New April 8, 2024

Houzz Locations

We have added support for managing your inventory levels on Houzz on a per-warehouse basis. You can now create your locations and map them to your existing warehouses in your Sellercloud Company Settings under Houzz > Locations. If no mapping is provided or in case of any errors, the default logic will be used, and we will send the combined available inventory.

New January 26, 2024

Available in Warehouse of Picklist

We added a new filter to the Products panel of the Picklist Details page. You can now filter the SKUs based on their available quantity in the warehouse specified on the Picklist. The Available in Warehouse of Picklist filter supports values All – display all products, Yes – display only products that have sufficient quantity, and No – display SKUs that do not have sufficient inventory. The calculation includes Shadow quantities as well.  This can help you identify potential setbacks ahead of the picking process and, as opposed to the Has Available Inventory filter, which checks all sellable warehouses, Available in Warehouse of Picklist allows you to narrow down the information even further.

Fix December 4, 2023

Import Kit Assembly

For Independent Kits to hold inventory, their components need to be assembled. This can be achieved in bulk via a file import for time efficiency. The Warehouse (assemble To and From) columns will now also accept Warehouse Name as values instead of only expecting the numerical Warehouse ID. This provides a bit more flexibility and ease of use.

Improvement November 6, 2023

Query Shipment Status from Amazon Restriction

We have added a safeguard when querying the status of FBA Inbound Shipments, which will prevent the shipment status from being changed to Shipped or greater unless all units have been fully picked within Sellercloud. Even if the Shipment is already Received in Seller Central, updating the status in Sellercloud before picking means you will not be able to pick any more units, and the received quantity will be deducted from the Picking Bin, leading to negative quantities. These will cause inventory discrepancies for your SKUs and in your bins. The added safeguard applies both for the automatic Shipment Status Query and the manual option in the Actions menu.

New November 2, 2023

Ship From Address Change in FBA Inbound Shipments

Going forward, when you click Edit on the FBA Inbound Shipment details page, you will see a new checkbox underneath the Ship From Warehouse field. Check Update Ship From Address To Warehouse Address to ensure that the ship from address changes along with the warehouse. We have added this new option to make editing warehouse information more streamlined and prevent potential mistakes.