Product updates: Fix

Fix December 4, 2023

Import Kit Assembly

For Independent Kits to hold inventory, their components need to be assembled. This can be achieved in bulk via a file import for time efficiency. The Warehouse (assemble To and From) columns will now also accept Warehouse Name as values instead of only expecting the numerical Warehouse ID. This provides a bit more flexibility and ease of use.

Fix November 24, 2023

Shipping Container Name Validation

We have added a new Client Setting called Do Not Allow Duplicate PO Container Names. When enabled, it will enforce a Shipping Container Name validation, preventing you from creating a Shipping Container if the name already exists in your account.

Fix November 3, 2023

Mark a Picked Order as Void Restriction

We have added a restriction regarding which orders can be marked as Void. If an order has been Partially or Fully Picked with Skustack, you will not be able to void it, as that would cause inventory discrepancies in the related Bins. To void such an order, you should first Unpick the quantities with Skustack and then go back to Sellercloud to change the order status.

Fix September 14, 2023

Overstock Return Address

We have been informed by the Overstock  Team, who recently acquired Bed Bath & Beyond, that there are some new requirements regarding the Ship From (Return to Sender) address on outbound shipping labels. We have added a setting in Shipbridge, to make sure is not printed on the shipping label. Make sure that Use return address for all Overstock orders is disabled in the Shipping Tab of the Options in Shipbridge.


Fix September 13, 2023

Estimated Shipping Cost

Sellercloud is able to use previous shipping data in order to provide an Estimated Shipping Cost for your orders as a placeholder value in your P&L reports. However, we have made an update to the logic, to make sure that any sales channels that are configured to use Third Party Shipping, will be excluded from this functionality, and they will be automatically checked on the “Predict Order Shipping Cost Exclusion” Company Settings page. We have done this in order to make sure that your Order Profit & Loss is accurate and that there are no unnecessary Shipping Costs associated with orders fulfilled through a third-party account.

Fix September 12, 2023

Split Orders in Reports

When you Split an Order in Sellercloud, the original (Parent Order) retains all of the payment information and the true order total, while a full discount is applied to the Child Order, and it is marked as Fully Paid, so it can be fulfilled. While this logic remains, we have introduced some changes to how Split Orders are accounted for in our Profit and Loss (P&L), Order, and Sales Reports. Going forward, instead of displaying the 100% discount on the Child Orders, all Reports that include Order Payment information will factor in exactly how the Orders were split and distribute the payments and tax accordingly, giving you a precise breakdown and the most accurate results.

Fix September 8, 2023

Walmart Marketplace Active Listings

We have improved the way we process the Active Listing Report from Walmart Marketplace. In cases where a SKU comes in with the report, that matches the Walmart Marketplace Merchant SKU of multiple products in Sellercloud, we will prioritize the Merchant Fulfilled SKU, instead of the WFS-Enabled SKU. For example, if there is a new listing, the non-WFS SKU in Sellercloud will be updated to Posted and Active.