Product updates: Fix

Fix May 16, 2024

Duties on Order

We have adjusted the logic of the Order Total panel to properly display and calculate Duties for International Orders. Additionally, duties will now be returned in the Response body when you Get All Orders via our Rest API.

Fix April 16, 2024

Enable ship from warehouse warning

We added a new setting in the Skustack App under Settings > Warehouse Management > Picklists. When you check Enable ship from warehouse warning, the app will show a message when you attempt to pick an order which has a Ship From warehouse different than the one you are currently logged into.

Fix April 2, 2024

Merchant SKU Filter Change

By default, the Merchant SKU filter on the Manage Catalog page accepts multiple values separated by commas (e.g., SKU1,SKU2). However, this could become an issue if products have a Merchant SKU containing a comma: in that case, the system will assume that these are two separate values, and it will not display the correct result. For this reason, we have created a new Catalog Client Setting: Support Comma-Delimited Values In Merchant SKU Filter. When disabled, the Merchant SKU filter will expect a single value, but it can include commas.

Fix February 22, 2024

Download Orders From Shopify

We have added a tooltip with a warning message on the Download Orders From Shopify page: Order IDs should be fully numeric, like 5360204908230. For multiple Orders, use comma-separated values. This method for manually downloading Shopify Orders expects the long numeric Shopify Order ID, any other format will be rejected. This method is mostly used after initially integrating your Shopify site with Sellercloud or to re-download a problem order.

Fix December 4, 2023

Import Kit Assembly

For Independent Kits to hold inventory, their components need to be assembled. This can be achieved in bulk via a file import for time efficiency. The Warehouse (assemble To and From) columns will now also accept Warehouse Name as values instead of only expecting the numerical Warehouse ID. This provides a bit more flexibility and ease of use.

Fix November 24, 2023

Shipping Container Name Validation

We have added a new Client Setting called Do Not Allow Duplicate PO Container Names. When enabled, it will enforce a Shipping Container Name validation, preventing you from creating a Shipping Container if the name already exists in your account.

Fix November 3, 2023

Mark a Picked Order as Void Restriction

We have added a restriction regarding which orders can be marked as Void. If an order has been Partially or Fully Picked with Skustack, you will not be able to void it, as that would cause inventory discrepancies in the related Bins. To void such an order, you should first Unpick the quantities with Skustack and then go back to Sellercloud to change the order status.