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When you create an order in Sellercloud, it automatically gets assigned to the Ship From Warehouse.

You can control the assigned Ship From Warehouse based on the channel or how the order is being fulfilled – for example, if it’s being drop-shipped or shipped via FBA. You can also control which warehouse is selected based on custom rules defined in a plugin.

If no specific setting selects a Ship From Warehouse, the order will have the Default Warehouse assigned and deduct inventory from it, regardless of where inventory is available.

Depending on different workflow logic, there are different ways to configure a Ship From Warehouse.

Set a Channel Warehouse

If you set a warehouse per channel, the Ship From Warehouse on all orders from that channel will default to the designated warehouse.

  1. Go to your Company Settings.
  2. Click Toolbox and select Channel Warehouse.
  3. Click Edit, choose a warehouse for each channel, and click Save.

Dropship an Order

You can dropship an order directly to a vendor to avoid stocking your own inventory.

To select a default Ship From Warehouse for a specific vendor:

  1. Go to Purchasing > Vendors > Manage Vendors.
  2. Find and click the vendor.
  3. Click Edit, update the Default Warehouse field, and click Save.

To dropship an order:

  1. Go to the Order Details page.
  2. Click Actions and select Dropship Order.
  3. Select a Vendor, then enter a Vendor Order ID and click Dropship. Dropship an order

Ship an Order via FBA

Amazon can fulfill FBA orders and orders originating at other channels.

To select an FBA Ship From Warehouse per company:

  1. Go to your Company Settings.
  2. Click Toolbox and select Channel Warehouse.
  3. Click Edit, set a warehouse for the FBA channel, and click Save.

To ship an order via FBA:

  1. Go to the Order Details page.
  2. Click Actions and select Ship via FBA.
  3. Fill in the mandatory fields and click Ship Order.Shipping info

Use the Split by Warehouse Plugin

You can use a variety of post-order or Order Export Plugins that set the Ship From Warehouse on your orders based on certain rules. 

For example, Sellercloud’s Split by Warehouse post-order plugin checks a list of preferred warehouses in order of preference and assigns the Ship From Warehouse based on availability. It starts by checking the first warehouse on the list for quantities:

  1. If available, it sets that warehouse as the Ship From Warehouse. 
  2. If unavailable, it proceeds to check the next warehouse, then the third, etc. 
  3. If none of the warehouses have inventory, it reverts back to the first warehouse listed in the custom setting.
To include Replacement Orders in the post-order plugin’s workflow, go to your Client Settings and enable Run Post order plugin on Replacement Order.
To use this plugin, contact Sellercloud Support to request it.
To set up the plugin, you must add a Custom Setting, then enable the plugin for each company in your account where these pre-defined rules should apply. To do that:
  1. Go to your Company Settings.
  2. Click Toolbox and select Custom Settings.
  3. Click Add New Custom Setting.
  4. Enter WarehouseIDs In Order Of Preference in the Setting Name field.
  5. Enter the IDs of the Ship From Warehouses in order of preference, separated by semicolons, no spaces, in the Value field.
    Ship From warehouse IDs
  6. To enable the plugin, click the company’s Toolbox and select Channels > Defaults.
  7. Click Edit, choose the plugin from the Order Post Action Plugin dropdown list, and click Save.

See the following important changes to the plugin: 

  • As of Version The plugin now uses an optional Custom Company Setting SetCustomDropshipStatusOnSplitOrder to determine if Sellercloud will alter the dropship status of the split order. If the warehouse set on the order items is a dropship warehouse, it will assign the status DropShip Pending on the split order. Otherwise, it will set the status Dropship None.
  • As of Version The plugin now looks at the Per-Channel Custom Company Setting for the column PerChannelWarehouseIDs for the channel of the order. This column is optional, semicolon-delimited, and contains warehouse IDs for a specific channel. It allows the channel to use only specific warehouses, different than the warehouses from other channels and settings. If that column is populated with warehouse IDs, the plugin will use them. Otherwise, it will use the standard logic.
  • As of Version You can now add a Custom Setting PostOrder – WarehouseID If Unavailable. The warehouse you specify there will be assigned if the other warehouses don’t have available quantity.

Use the Order Rule Engine

The Order Rule Engine provides two ways to automatically set the Ship From Warehouses on orders that meet certain conditions.

You can add an action and set the Action Type to Update Ship From Warehouse, and then select one of your warehouses. Note that this method does not check the inventory.

You can also Split the Order if you set the Action Type to Split Order. Then select:

  • Warehouses In Order Of Preferences – pick warehouses in order of preference.
  • Warehouse if Unavailable – pick a fallback warehouse if none of the preferred ones have product quantity.

Set a Ship From Warehouse Manually

To manually change the Ship From Warehouse:

  1. Go to the Order Details page.
  2. Click the Edit button on the Items panel.
  3. Choose a different warehouse in the Warehouse field.Set ShipFrom warehouse
To only have orders go into Shipbridge based on a specific warehouse, see the instructions to assign each location to a shipping station.


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