Manage Catalog


The Manage Catalog page gives you quick access to all your products. On this page, you can:

  • See products in your Sellercloud account
  • Use search filters to show only specific products
  • Save your search filter setups so you can repeat searches quickly and easily
  • Sort the products from your search results based on different product data fields
  • Show or hide product data fields from the search results grid
  • Perform a wide range of actions on products individually or in bulk
While it might seem similar to the Manage Inventory Page, the Manage Catalog page lets you oversee product properties and characteristics instead of inventory functions.

Page Overview

To access your product catalog, go to Catalog > Manage Catalog.

The Manage Catalog page consists of three key components:

  • Search Filters – A wide range of search options that let you narrow down your search results and show only the products you are interested in. You can save specific searches for repeat use.
  • Search Results – A list of products that match your search criteria. You can sort it differently and even show or hide different data columns.
  • Actions – A wide range of product-related actions you can perform on one product at a time or in bulk. These actions help you manage your products both within Sellercloud and in connected sales channels.

Search Filters

Filters offer multiple-choice selection lists or allow you to enter specific values. Your choices build on each other. Each subsequent choice narrows the scope of your search results further and affects what the page displays. You can add as many filters as you like or none at all.

There are Default filters that are always displayed and Custom filters that you can display manually by clicking the Add filter button and selecting a filter from the list. To remove a custom filter from the page, click the Trash icon next to it.

After you click Search, each filter you apply gets highlighted in orange or green. If a filter is gray or not displayed at all, it’s not active. You can add or remove filters and search again at any time.

Once you have set up your filters, you can click Save View to save the search. Then, you can repeat the same search by selecting it from the Saved Views menu on the top right.

If the built-in filters are insufficient, you can contact Sellercloud Support and ask them to create custom columns for product-related information. Then, you can enable the columns as described in Product Custom Columns, and they will appear in the Custom filters list, where you can use them to search.
For a list of all filters and their descriptions, see the Filter Descriptions section of this article.

Search Results

The search results show a list of products matching your search criteria. This list is comprised of various data columns showing product information. 

There are two levels of columns. Level 1 columns are always visible. There are also Level 2 columns – when available, you can view them by clicking the small blue arrow to the product’s left. This provides you with more information about Variation Products without having to open the product details.

You can add, remove, and even re-order data columns. Click the three dots icon on the top right and select Customize Columns.

Now you can:

  • Reorder columns by dragging them up or down in the list
  • Hide columns by clicking the Trash icons
  • Add columns by clicking Add column

You can also sort the products in a different order based on a specific column using the Sort by drop-down menu.

For a list of all data columns and their descriptions, see the Column Descriptions section of this article.


The Manage Catalog page also offers a wide range of actions you can perform on one product at a time or in bulk. These actions help you quickly manage your products both within Sellercloud and in connected sales channels.

The Actions icon is located on the bottom right of the page. By default, it is a green plus icon that allows you to create a new product. When you select products from the search results by checking the boxes to their left, the icon turns blue. Once it’s blue, you can click it to perform actions on selected products.

You can use the search engine to find a specific action quickly. Click the Star icon next to any frequently used action to pin it to the top of the actions list for quick access.

Most of these actions will display a notification at the bottom of the screen when used, telling you that a Queued Job has been created. You can click the link to the queued job to view it. Make sure to refresh the page to update the job’s Status.

For a list of all actions and their descriptions, see the Action Descriptions section in this article.


This section lists and defines all available elements on the Product Details page. This includes the filters for searching, the columns that display product data and sort results, and the actions you can perform on selected products. This article lists the elements by category for your convenience.

Filter Descriptions

Refer to the lists below for all Default/Custom filters and their descriptions. 

Basic Information

BrandFilter products by one or more Brands.
CompanyFilter products by one or more Companies.
Created ByShow only products created by a specific Employee.
ManufacturerShow products produced by one or more Manufacturers.
Manufacturer By CompanyShow products produced by one or more manufacturers added to a specific company. You can see the company name along with the manufacturer while searching.
Product GroupShow products that are or are not in a specific Product Group.
Product TypesShow only products from one or more Product Types.
ConditionsShow products based on one or more Product Conditions.
ExpirableShow only products that are or are not Expirable.
Is DigitalShow only products that are or are not Digital.
Is HazmatShow only products that are or are not considered Hazardous.
ReplenishableShow products that are or are not Replenishable.
ImagesShow products with or without Images.
KeywordShow products based on text in their SKU or product name.
PriorityShow products based on their priority, from 0 to 10.
RatingShow products based on their rating, from 0 to 10.
Dropship ModesShow only products that are set to ship from the manufacturer, vendor, or site.
Fulfilled ByShow only products that are or are not Fulfilled by Amazon.
Restricted TypeShow only products that are or are not restricted on specific channels.
RestrictedShow only products that are restricted on one or more channels.


SKUFilter products by their Sellercloud Stock Keeping Unit (SKU).
Vendor SKUsFilter products by Vendor SKU.
Manufacturer SKUFilter products by Manufacturer SKU.
Master SKUFilter products by Master SKU.
Merchant SKUFilter products by Merchant SKU.
Has UPCShow products with or without a Universal Product Code (UPC).
UPCFilter products by UPC.
ASINFilter products by Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN).
Serial#Filter products by Serial Numbers.
EANFilter products by European Article Number (EAN).
GTINFilter products by Global Trade Item Number (GTIN).
FNSKUFilter products by Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit (FNSKU).
Channel Listing IDFilter products by a channel listing ID.

Date and Time

Creation Date RangeFilter products by predefined creation time ranges.
Created OnFilter products by custom creation date ranges.
Last Aggregate Date RangeFilter products by predefined inventory aggregation time ranges.
Last Aggregate DateFilter products by custom inventory aggregation date ranges.
Modified OnShow only products modified within a custom date range.
No Sale In DaysShow only products that haven’t been sold in predefined time ranges.
Sold In DaysShow only products that have been sold in predefined time ranges.

Inventory and Purchasing

Active StatusShow only Active or Inactive Products.
Aggregate Qty RangeShow only products within a custom Available Qty range.
Back OrderShow only products within a custom Backorder quantity range.
Below Inventory Low LevelShow only products that are or are not below the Inventory Low Level.
Bin IdsShow only products stored in specific Bin IDs.
Default VendorsShow only products under one or more Default Vendors.
Disconnected From ChannelFilter products that are Disconnected from a channel.
DiscontinuedFilter products to include or exclude Discontinued items.
FBA Shipment IDShow only products that are in specific FBA Shipments.
Has Location NotesShow only products with or without Location notes.
Location NotesShow only products that contain or don’t contain specific location notes.
Manual ReservesShow only products with or without Manual Reserves.
On OrderShow only products that are or are not on order.
Physical Qty RangeShow only products within a custom Physical Inventory quantity range.
Picklist IDShow only products that are on a specific Picklist.
PO IDsFilter products by specific Purchase Order (PO) IDs.
PurchasersShow only products bought by one or more purchasers.
Reserved Qty RangeShow only products within a custom Reserved inventory quantity range.
VendorsShow only products sold by one or more Vendors.
WarehousesShow only products in one or more Warehouses.

Product Relationships

Include Related KitsFilter products to include or exclude related Kits.
Include Related ShadowsFilter products to include or exclude related Shadows.
KitShow or exclude products based on whether they are or are not a Kit Parent or Kit Component.
Kit TypeShow only specific kit types – Independent, Main Component, or All Components.
ShadowsShow or exclude products based on whether they are or are not a Shadow or Shadow Parent.
VariationsShow or exclude products based on whether they are or are not a Variation Parent or Child.

Cost and Pricing

Average CostShow only products whose Average Cost is within a specific range.
Last CostShow only products whose Last Cost is within a specific range.
Site CostShow only products whose Site Cost is within a specific range.
Site PriceShow only products whose Site Price is within a specific range.
MAP PriceShow only products whose MAP Price is within a specific range.
RebateShow only products with or without a Rebate.

Channel-Specific Filters

This page also includes many channel-specific filters, most of which allow you to check which products are enabled or disabled for particular channels. Some of these filters can even show you additional details, such as whether a product is ready for posting or not, whether it has already been posted or not, and more. 

Note that not all channel-specific filters are listed below. To find all filters related to a channel, type the channel’s name in the search on top of the Add filter drop-down menu.
Amazon StatusesFilter products by Amazon status.
eBay CategoryFilter products by eBay category.
eBay Item IDFilter products by eBay Item ID.
eBay StatusesFilter products by Amazon status.
eBay Store CategoryFilter products by eBay Store category.
eBay Top TitleFilter products by eBay top title.
Lightspeed POS StatusFilter products by Lightspeed POS status.
Lightspeed POS ItemIDFilter products by Lightspeed POS ItemID. Business StatusFilter products by Business status. Item#Filter products by Item ID. StatusesFilter products by statuses.
Walmart Marketplace IDFilter products by Walmart Marketplace ID.
Walmart Marketplace StatusesFilter products by Walmart Marketplace statuses.
Website CategoriesFilter products by website categories.
Website Product IDsFilter products by website product IDs.
Website StatusesFilter products by website statuses.

Column Descriptions

Refer to the lists below for all data columns and their descriptions. You can show or hide these columns by clicking the three dots in the top right and selecting Customize Columns. You can also sort your results based on these columns with the Sort by menu.

Basic Information

Data ColumnDescription
Active StatusThe product’s status, either Active or Inactive.
Product NameThe name of the product.
ChannelsThe various sales channels or platforms the product is enabled for.
CompanyThe name of the Company associated with the product.
Product TypeThe Product Type for categorization.
ImageShows a thumbnail of the primary Product Image that expands when you hover over it.
ConditionThe Product Condition.
Created OnThe date when the product was created.
Fulfilled ByThe Fulfilled By Status that shows who fulfills the product – the merchant or Amazon.
PriorityA priority from 0 to 10 indicating the product’s importance.
Rating A rating from 0 to 10 associated with the product’s quality or performance.
Shadow OfIndicates if the product is a Kit, Matrix, or Shadow.
Is MatrixShows the parent product when the product is part of a Matrix.
Description TemplateShows the product’s selected Description Template.
Amazon ConditionThe product’s Amazon Condition.
Amazon Sales RankThe product’s ranking within Amazon’s sales categories.
eBay CategoryThe product’s categorization within eBay’s classification system.
eBay ConditionThe product’s eBay Condition.
eBay Store CategoryThe specific category within an eBay store where the product is placed.


Data ColumnDescription
Product IDSellercloud’s unique Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) assigned to the product.
UPCThe Universal Product Code (UPC), a barcode used for product identification.
ASINThe Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN), a unique identifier for products on Amazon.
Amazon Merchant SKUThe product’s SKU on Amazon.
FNSKU The Fulfillment Network SKU (FNSKU), a unique identifier for Amazon FBA products.
Manufacturer SKUThe SKU assigned by the manufacturer.
Vendor SKUThe SKU used by the Vendor.
Wayfair Merchant SKUThe product’s SKU on Wayfair.
Website Merchant SKUThe product’s SKU on a Sellercloud-integrated website.
ChildProductIDThe SKU of a child product within the Kit. When there are multiple child SKUs, all of them will be listed.

Inventory and Purchasing

Data ColumnDescription
Qty Avail.The quantity of the product currently available for purchase.
Aggregated QtyThe total available and reserved quantity of the product.
Physical QtyThe total inventory of a product across all warehouses.
Reserved QtyThe inventory reserved by open orders or manually reserved for channels.
Per Kit QtyThe quantity of the product included in each Kit.
Back OrderIndicates whether the product is on Backorder or not.
Location NotesNotes or information about the product’s physical storage Location.
PurchaserThe user email of the person responsible for product procurement.
VendorThe Vendor providing the product.
WarehouseThe storage facility or location where the product is stored.
Qty Sold (15, 30, 60, 90, 180, 365)The quantity of the product sold over specific time periods, such as 15, 30, 60, 90, 180, and 365 days.

Cost and Pricing

Data ColumnDescription
Average CostThe Average Cost associated with purchasing the product over time.
Last Cost The most recent amount you paid to buy the product.
Site CostThe product’s cost, either on the last PO when it is received or based on the Average Cost. See Product Costs for more information.
Site PriceThe default product price for all channels.
Amazon PriceThe price of the product when listed on Amazon.
Buy It Now PriceThe fixed price for immediate purchase on eBay.
Fixed Price QtyThe quantity available for immediate purchase at the fixed price.
MAP PriceThe Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) set for the product.
Wholesale PriceThe price at which the product is available for wholesale purchase.
Active RebateShows if there is an active rebate associated with the product.

Action Descriptions

Refer to the lists below for all actions and their descriptions.

General Product Management

Add New ProductAdds a new product to the catalog.
DeleteRemoves the product from the catalog.
Change Product SKUUpdates the product’s Stock Keeping Unit (SKU).
Clone SKUCreates an exact Clone of the product with a new SKU.
Copy Product Data to Other SKU(s)Copies product information to one or more other products.
Add Products To GroupAssociates products with a specific Product Group.
Remove Products From GroupDisassociates products from a specific Product Group.
Load Product DefaultsUpdates the selected products with defaults configured on the Company Settings > Defaults page.
Load Product Type DefaultsUpdates the selected products with default settings and information configured a specific Product Type.
Resize Product ImagesAdjusts the size or dimensions of the main Product Image.
Export Products (Catalog)Allows you to use different methods to export specific product information in various formats.
Export Product NotesExports the product’s ITF-14 Barcodes to an Excel spreadsheet.
Export Sell ThroughExports an Excel spreadsheet with the product’s currently Available Qty and the Qty Sold for the last 7, 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, and 365 days.
Bulk EditOpens a modal that allows you to change certain product details for multiple SKUs at once. The modal displays the selected products, with an indication if any of them are Shadows. If any of the Fields to Edit are set as Shadow-Persistent, they will have an icon and tooltip to reflect this. If you edit a shadow-persistent field for a Shadow Parent, all related children will also be updated. Some of the available fields are Channel-specific categories, Default Vendor, Replenishable status, and Brand.

Status and Data Manipulation

Adjust PriorityChanges the priority level assigned to the product.
Adjust RatingChanges the rating given to the product.
Set As ActiveActivates the product within Sellercloud and, if set up, sends inventory to channels.
Set As InactiveDeactivates the product within Sellercloud and sends 0 inventory to channels.
Set As DiscontinuedMarks the product as discontinued and unavailable for purchase from vendors.
Set As Not DiscontinuedReverses the discontinued status of the product.
Convert CurrenciesConverts existing product costs and prices to a different Currency.
Export ITF-14 BarcodesExports the ITF-14 Barcodes associated with the product to a PDF file.
Export ITF-14 Barcodes (Excel)Exports ITF-14 Barcodes in Excel format.
Generate Predicted Purchase DataGenerates Predictive Purchasing data for the product.
Get Info From NewEgg.comRetrieves product information from based on the selected products’ UPC (or Manufacturer Name / Manufacturer SKU if there’s no UPC) and exports it to an Excel spreadsheet.
Get ASIN From UPCObtains Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) based on the product’s Universal Product Codes (UPCs) in Sellercloud and Amazon.
Find ASINSearches and identifies Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) for products.

Product Relationships Management

Create ShadowsGenerates Shadow Products.
Unshadow From ParentSeparates a shadow product from its parent.
Break Kit/UnkitDissolves a Kit Product into separate products.
Disassemble VariationsBreaks down Product Variations into individual items.
Add to KitAssembles multiple products into a kit product.

Order Management

Add to OrderStarts creating a new order with the selected products in it.
View OrdersAccesses and displays existing orders with the selected products.
Print LabelsGenerates and prints Product Labels.
Add to POStarts creating a new purchase order with the selected products in it.
Add to PO (With PO FBA Planning)Incorporates the product into an existing or new purchase order along with an FBA Shipment.

General Channel Management

Launch on ChannelInitiates product listings on the selected sales channel.
Enable/Disable For ChannelEnables or disables a channel integration for the selected products.
Update Inventory on ChannelAdjusts the product’s stock levels on a channel based on the inventory available in Sellercloud.
Update Prices on ChannelUpdates the product’s prices on a channel based on the prices set in Sellercloud.
Connect To InventoryLinks the product to the available inventory, allowing Sellercloud to send inventory updates to a channel.
Disconnect From InventoryDisassociates the product’s connected inventory from a channel.
Update Images On ChannelUpdates Product Images on the channel based on the images set in Sellercloud.
Export Channel InfoExports channel-specific product information.
Restrict/Unrestrict For ChannelImposes or removes Channel Product Restrictions.
End Listing On ChannelRemoves the selected products’ listings from a channel.
Export Channel Missing InformationExports an Excel spreadsheet file with data related to required and missing information on the channel.
Export Channel Category SuggestionsExport an Excel spreadsheet file with channel category suggestions.


Get Info From ASINRetrieves information from Amazon listings based on ASIN and updates the selected Sellercloud products. See Get Info From Amazon for more information.
Get My Price From AmazonObtains the product’s price information from Amazon.
Update Shipping Template on AmazonUpdates the products’ Amazon Shipping Template.
Update Dimensions/Weight on AmazonUpdates product dimensions and weight on Amazon.
Switch to AFN (Don’t update Amazon)Sets the product as Fulfilled by Amazon without updating Amazon.
Switch to AFN (Update Amazon)Sets the product as Fulfilled by Amazon and updates Amazon accordingly.
Switch to MFN (Don’t update Amazon)Sets the product as Fulfilled by Merchant without updating Amazon.
Switch to MFN (Update Amazon)Sets the product as Fulfilled by Merchant and updates Amazon accordingly.
Generate Predicted Purchase Data (FBA)Generates Predictive Restocking data for FBA products.
Remove Business Prices on AmazonSubmits a feed to Amazon to remove the Business price from Amazon.
Get Amazon BuyBox PricesRetrieves prices associated with the BuyBox from Amazon listings based on ASIN. See Get Amazon Buy Box Price for more information.
Find Amazon Sales RankIdentifies the product’s ranking within Amazon’s sales categories.
Add to FBA Inbound ShipmentAdds the product to an FBA Shipment to an Amazon Fulfillment Center.


Get Info From eBayImports product information from eBay. See Get Product Info From Ebay for more information.
Revise on eBayPushes any changes to Sellercloud products to their listings on eBay.
Relist on eBayRe-lists products on eBay for sale.


Get Info From WalmartImports product information from Walmart. See Get Product Info From Walmart for more information.
Walmart Marketplace Competitive Pricing OptinOpts products in to Walmart Marketplace’s Competitive Pricing program.
Walmart Marketplace Competitive Pricing Optout Opts products out of Walmart Marketplace’s competitive pricing program.
Walmart Marketplace Connect to Price UpdateAllows Sellercloud to start sending price updates to Walmart Marketplace.
Walmart Marketplace Disconnect to Price UpdateStops Sellercloud from sending price updates to Walmart Marketplace.
Associate Predefined Shipping Templates on Walmart MarketplaceLinks predefined Walmart Shipping Templates to the product on Walmart Marketplace.
Disassociate Predefined Shipping Templates on Walmart MarketplaceRemoves the association of predefined Walmart shipping Templates from the product on Walmart Marketplace.
Launch on Walmart Marketplace using Setup By MatchPosts product listings on Walmart Marketplace using the Setup By Match method.
Bulk Convert Walmart V3 Attributes to V4Converts Walmart V3 Product Attributes to V4 format in bulk.
Bulk Fix Walmart V4 AttributesCorrects Walmart V4 product attributes in bulk after any V3 to V4 conversion issues.
Enable for WFSEnables the product for Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS).
Add to WFS ShipmentAdds the product to a WFS Shipment.
Generate Predicted Purchase Data (WFS)Generates Predictive Restocking data for WFS products.

Other Channels

Get Overstock SKU and Option SKURetrieves the Overstock SKU and Option SKU information associated with the product from Overstock.
Get Lightspeed POS Item IDsObtains the Lightspeed POS Item ID for the product from Lightspeed.
Update Listing Part on WebsiteUpdate a specific part of the selected product’s website listing.
Update Meta Fields on Shopify (Including Matrix Child)Updates all meta fields on Shopify, including those for matrix child products.
Enroll Product in Returns Program For WishEnrolls the product in the Wish Returns Program.
Un-enroll Product in Returns Program For WishRemoves the product from the Wish Returns Program.

The following Client Settings control elements of the Manage Catalog page:

  • Show Catalog Images In Manage Inventory – when enabled, your Catalog Product Images will be displayed as the product thumbnail on the Manage Inventory page.
  • Show Large Product Images On Manage Catalog – when you enable this setting, the thumbnail image on the Manage Catalog page will become bigger. However, this will also decrease the number of products displayed without scrolling down.


Sellercloud makes it easy to manage your product catalog, which includes creating new products, generating SKUs, product descriptions and images. Additionally, you will be able to create product kits and shadow SKUs, all of which increase your products’ exposure and versatility.

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