FedEx integration

Sellercloud is an official FedEx Compatible partner.
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Key Features

FedEx Ship Manager integration

Take advantage of all FedEx Ship Manager’s features without leaving Sellercloud.

Print and Void FedEx labels

You can print and void FedEx labels for both domestic and international destinations from within Sellercloud.

Small package and freight

With Sellercloud you can take advantage of both small package and freight shipping.

Rate calculations

Calculate your shipping rates directly in Sellercloud.

Address validation

Sellercloud lets you verify mailing addresses before shipping.

FedEx insurance

We make it easy for you to purchase FedEx shipping insurance within Sellercloud.


Sellercloud lets you use FedEx’s SmartPost for both delivery and returns.

Tracking updates

Order tracking information is automatically updated across all the channels you use.

Gain control of your e-commerce

Manage all your shipping from one centralized platform.

Simplify your shipping workflow

Utilize all of FedEx Web Services from within Sellercloud.

Ship with FedEx and Sellercloud

FedEx is the world’s largest parcel delivery company servicing more than 220 countries and territories and can deliver to every address in North America and Europe. FedEx is particularly known for its care of fragile merchandise during shipping. View all our integration channels.

Sellercloud is certified by FedEx and is an official FedEx Compatible partner.

Sellercloud’s complete FedEx integration manager lets you print labels for all FedEx package and freight services, for both domestic and international destinations. Customs documentation for international shipping can be customized to your specifications. Special FedEx shipping services such as SmartPost and FedEx International MailService labels can be printed as well.

For customers who want to continue using FedEx Ship Manager, Sellercloud’s integration with FedEx Web Services allows customers to print labels from within the Sellercloud application without having to install and configure FedEx’s FedEx Ship Manager desktop application.

Sellercloud offers a full FedEx Ship Manager integration that allows our customers the freedom to take full advantage of FedEx Ship Manager’s features while never having to manually open FedEx Ship Manager to print or modify the shipping labels.

Shipping rates can be pre-calculated before printing labels to help you determine the best shipping option.

Shipping insurance can be purchased from FedEx directly from Sellercloud, and declared value thresholds can easily be configured.

Once the orders are shipped in Sellercloud, tracking is applied to the order and updated automatically to the originating sales channel.

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