Automate your workflow with the Order Rule Engine

Build your own custom order-related rules based on the demands of your workflow.

Create your own rules

Simple and easy to create

Set up multiple rules and decide which ones to run and when.

Customizable to your needs

Apply custom logic or actions to your orders depending on your everyday requirements.

Increase your team’s productivity

Automate the tedious routine tasks and save time and energy for more essential work.

Sellercloud’s Order Rule Engine feature helps you take care of all those repetitive manual tasks that are eating hours of your day. Rules are simple to create, and once set up, they can run automatically without your direct supervision.


orders in 2023


triggered automations in 2023

You are unique. So is your workflow.

Set rules to run on specific categories or types of orders, with the ability to filter orders by channel, company, order status, and many more. Filtering options are fully customizable to your needs. We support multi-level conditions with ANDs and ORs, all via an intuitive and easy-to-use UI.

Set the rules in motion and save hours of time

Build your custom predefined conditions and actions.
Split the order for more efficient fulfillment
Update the order’s shipping warehouse
Add a note for your customer service team
Dropship the order
Add an order to an Order Group
Update the order’s shipping carrier and service
Update an Order Custom Column
Change order statuses
New Feature
Require signature confirmation for high-value orders
New Feature
Use Order Snapshot for split orders to see the original order layout
New Feature
Add products to a new order, such as promotional gifts
New Feature
Manually execute rules for specific orders

Flexible plugins

The possibilities are endless

Use our rule engine to run plugins with custom business logic on specific orders. Customize a plugin based on your individual needs or tap into the many plugins already available.
Create an unlimited number of rules

Set up one rule or multiple rules in your Order Rule Engine.

Copy rules for faster adjustments

Easily copy a rule and then make changes to the copied version.

(De)activate rules as needed

Activate and deactivate an individual rule at any time.

Track rule execution

Our Execution Log gives you full traceability of your rule execution at any time.

Rules are applied instantly

Rules will be applied immediately after order creation.

Create the rule first, then the order

Rules are only applied to orders that are created after the rule is enabled.

Watch our webinar:
Create Custom Automated Rules for Your Unique Workflow

Explore our custom automated rules and create a unique workflow that fits your specific business needs.