Wish integration

Manage all your e-commerce listings in one centralized place.

Key Features

Publish listings and manage prices

Easily publish new product listings and update pricing on Wish or any of the other channels you sell on.

Full attribute management

Update all your Wish product attributes like photos, descriptions, and categories in Sellercloud.

Inventory and tracking updates

Sync your inventory and update tracking information from Sellercloud to Wish.

Order cancelation

Automatically retrieve customer cancellations from Wish and cancel orders in Sellercloud.

Download search tags

Sellercloud lets you download Wish search tags.

Flexible inventory management

Reserve part of your inventory for Wish’s promotional events.

All the tools you need

Take control of your e-commerce with our all-in-one operational management platform.

Expand your business

Explore new marketplaces and find new customers.

Track your omnichannel inventory

Automatically sync inventory levels across multiple channels.

Get low stock alerts

Prevent overselling with Sellercloud’s low-stock alerts.

Sell on Wish with Sellercloud

Wish.com is all about a personalized and social shopping experience, where products are marketed to relevant customers based on customers’ demographics, purchase behavior, and wishlists.

Wish.com focuses on clothing, jewelry, and accessories, but offer other categories as well, like electronics and toys.

Managing your products from your centralized catalog, you can easily list your products on Wish directly from Sellercloud.

Inventory and price automatically update as well as the tracking after fulfilling your orders through Sellercloud. Inventory management in Sellercloud is flexible, providing you with several ways to manage inventory levels when Wish.com promotes your listings.

Order cancellations by the customer are retrieved to cancel the order in Sellercloud helping ensure that you don’t ship out items that were canceled.

Start selling on Wish