Groupon integration

Explore more channels than ever, all from one central e-commerce hub.

Key Features

Direct connection via Groupon API

Easily download, pack and ship all your Groupon orders within Sellercloud.

Groupon packing slips

Print your Groupon packing slips directly from Sellercloud.

Order syncing

Once a customer places an order on Groupon it will automatically show up in Sellercloud.

Shipping and tracking upload

Sellercloud lets you ship all your orders and send back tracking information to Groupon.

Export to QuickBooks to invoice Groupon

With Sellercloud’s QuickBridge Desktop app you can export all your financial data into QuickBooks.

Allocate and reserve inventory for deals

Our powerful inventory control tools help you reserve part of your inventory for deals.

Third-party billing to Groupon’s account

Automatically charge shipping costs directly to your Groupon’s account.

Control all parts of your workflow

Manage all your e-commerce operations from one centralized platform.

Expand your reach

Reach new customers and unexplored market.

Keep track of your omnichannel inventory

Know what you have across all channels at all times.

Know what sells best

Gain insight into your best-selling products with our reports

Sell on Groupon with Sellercloud

We currently have multiple integrations with Groupon including Groupon Connect Supply aka Groupon Marketplace.

Sellercloud customers can take advantage of our Groupon integration via direct connection to easily process Groupon orders. Orders download automatically, and after shipping the orders directly through Sellercloud, Groupon will be updated with tracking. Orders can be exported to QuickBooks to easily invoice Groupon for open balances. Find out more about all Sellercloud features.

Linking your Sellercloud SKU to Groupon’s UPC product identifier allows for easy identification of products on picklists and packing slips.

Typically, merchants commit a certain amount of units for each deal. Although Sellercloud normally shares and synchronizes inventory across channels, you can reserve inventory on a product for any given deal, ensuring that you will have stock to fulfill your Groupon orders.

When Shipping UPS or FedEx, Groupon will typically require merchants to bill shipping costs to their account. With Sellercloud, 3rd party billing for Groupon can be set up to automatically charge shipping directly to Groupon account.