Sell on Bonanza

Manage all your Bonanza listings in one centralized e-commerce platform.

Key Features

Publish products

Publish new product listings directly from Sellercloud.

Fixed price and OBO offerings

With Sellercloud you can list both full-price and offer-negotiated listings.

Full product attribute management

Manage all your categories, traits, descriptions, and images within Sellercloud.

Manage shipping options and fees

Sellercloud simplifies your whole shipping process with the option to create different shipping rules.

Variation listings

Sellercloud lets you post products with different variations to one listing while retaining their separate SKUs.

Inventory and pricing updates

Automatically sync your inventory across Bonanza and all other channels that you use.

Order sync

Your orders will be automatically downloaded into Sellercloud.

Tracking upload

Order tracking information will be automatically updated and sent to Bonanza.

All the tools you need

Have full control over all your e-commerce operations.

Find your niche

Explore new marketplaces and find new customers.

Track your omnichannel inventory

Automatically sync inventory levels across multiple channels.

Get low stock alerts

Prevent overselling with Sellercloud’s low-stock alerts.

Sell on Bonanza with Sellercloud

Bonanza is a niche marketplace that focuses on hard-to-find products including collectibles, artwork, crafts, clothing and fashion, vintage and antiques, stamps, memorabilia and more. Although their motto is “Everything but the ordinary”, Bonanza does offer more typical product categories as well such as electronics, books, sporting goods and more.

Sellercloud can manage your listings on Bonanza. From your centralized catalog you can easily get products ready for listing, and then list them on Bonanza.

You can also configure and post variation listings directly from Sellercloud. Listings can be sent as an instant price, or as offer-negotiated listings.

Inventory and pricing updates through automatic feeds. Orders download automatically into Sellercloud’s order grid for processing, and tracking information will update automatically after the order is shipped.

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