Sell on Walmart DSV

Sellercloud seamlessly manages your inventory and fulfillment on Walmart Dropship Vendor.

Key Features

Seamless inventory updates

Sellercloud automatically updates your Walmart DSV inventory once an order is placed.

Order download and tracking

Synch all your orders to your Walmart Dropship Vendor account and receive order tracking updates directly from Sellercloud.

Compliant packing slips

Use packing slips that are formatted specifically for Walmart DSV.

Automatic invoices

Sellercloud will automatically invoice Walmart for each order.

Gain control and flexibility

One comprehensive control panel for all your e-commerce operations.

Dropshipping can be easier than ever

Grow your business by becoming an approved Walmart supplier.

Track your omnichannel inventory

Automatically sync stock and track your inventory levels across channels.

Respond to demand

Find out the products that are selling best with our performance reports.

Sell on Walmart Dropship Vendor (DSV) with Sellercloud

Like many big-box retailers, sellers can apply to become approved suppliers to Walmart for dropshipping. This means that Walmart will buy products from merchants and market them online at Orders will be forwarded to the merchant. The merchant then ships it to the customer with a Walmart packing slip.

Please note: This Walmart program is separate from Walmart Marketplace where sellers market directly on Sellercloud also supports Walmart Marketplace.

Sellercloud integrates through the Walmart DSV API to directly connect to the channel. There is no testing process and no third-party integrator necessary.

You can set your products up with the correct price so that the orders will import with the amount you are getting for each sale, making it easy to export the order data into QuickBooks and create invoices. You don’t need to actually send them the invoice, because Sellercloud will automatically invoice Walmart for each order.