Sell on Sears

Easily manage all your Sears listings, shipping, and inventory with Sellercloud.

Key Features

Publish new listings

We make it easy to create new listings directly from Sellercloud.

Order syncing

Download your Sears orders automatically into Sellercloud.

Inventory and price updates

One an order is made stock quantity is automatically updated in Sears and all the other channels you use.

Cancellations management

Easily handle order cancellations and refunds from your Sellercloud account.

Fulfillment updates

Shipping information will be updated on the channel.

Full Sears product management

You can easily update product information including description, images, categories, condition, shipping options.

Profit and loss tracking

Use settlement data to gain insights on your business’ performance.

Variation listings

Assign product variations like color or size to a single listing while creating different SKUs for each option.

Push your e-commerce to the next level

Manage everything from one centralized control panel.

Find your niche

xplore new markets and find new customers.

Track your omnichannel inventory

Automatically sync inventory levels across multiple channels.

Get low stock alerts

Prevent overselling with Sellercloud’s low-stock alerts.

Sell on Sears with Sellercloud

The Sears marketplace allows online merchants to sell merchandise right alongside Sears’s own product line to Sears’s highly loyal consumer base. As an official partner with Sears, Sellercloud offers a seamless integration to provide you the exposure and prestige of this iconic retailer.

Listing is made easy with the ability to publish a new listing with full product attribute management in Sellercloud, including Sears attributes. Inventory and pricing are managed through Sellercloud automatically.

Multiple Sears listings can be linked to a single inventoried SKU with Sellercloud’s unique shadowing capabilities. Bundling kits enables listing products in both as individual products and as kits while maintaining inventory integrity. Variation listings can be managed and published from within Sellercloud.

Sellercloud can also manage and process Sears orders, including shipping and packing slips.

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