Sell on Woot

Our all-in-one e-commerce platform will help you manage all your Woot listings.

Key Features

Import orders

Sellercloud lets you seamlessly import orders in Woot without needing to reformat the Woot order file.

Export tracking

Let your customers know when your order is shipped.

Reserve inventory

Sellercloud lets you reserve inventory for Woot promotions and events.

Woot formatted packing slips

Use packing slips that are formatted specifically for Woot.

Export woot order data to QuickBooks

Stay on top of your finances by exporting all your order data to QuickBooks.

Find the control you need

One central control panel for all your e-commerce operations.

Maximize your exposure

Reach new customers and grow your business by seamlessly selling on multiple channels.

Track your omnichannel inventory

Automatically sync stock and track your inventory levels across channels.

Use data to make better decisions

Find out the products that are selling best and respond to demand.

Sell on Woot with Sellercloud

Woot, the original daily-deal site, is a very popular and fun place to offer great deals. Woot is famous for its “Woot of the Day” sale and for its wacky product descriptions.

With the Woot integration, Sellercloud clients can manage their Woot orders along with the rest of their sales channels from one central location. Because Woot has no direct method of integration, you can allocate inventory within Sellercloud for Woot, ensuring that you have stock available for every order.

Orders can be easily imported, with no need to reformat the Woot order file, and shipped from Sellercloud. A tracking file can be exported to upload on Woot, letting customers know that their orders have been shipped. When shipping the orders, Woot-formatted packing slips will print out to be included in the shipping package.

Woot order data can easily be exported into QuickBooks to generate an invoice to Woot for payment.