Canada Post integration

Ship your orders in Canada and beyond with Sellercloud.

Key Features

Print Canada Post labels

You can print Canada Post labels for destinations in Canada and domestic and international destinations from within Sellercloud.

Canada Post insurance

We make it easy for you to purchase Canada Post shipping insurance within Sellercloud.

Retrieve shipping costs

Sellercloud lets you calculate the shipping cost for all your items.

Manifest/ End of Day

Sellercloud lets you generate a Manifest/ End of Day form.

Declared value

Guarantee the security of your shipments by declaring the maximum liability for each package.

Grow your e-commerce business

Bring your products to Canada with Canada Post.

Simplify your shipping workflow

Make the whole shipping process more efficient and avoid mistakes.

Ship with Canada Post and Sellercloud

Canada Post is the primary postal operator in Canada, providing mail and parcel delivery service within Canada, as well as shipping to and from the US and other international countries.

Sellercloud is fully integrated with Canada Post, enabling clients to take advantage of this service for Canadian merchants as well as those who store merchandise in Canada.

The integration includes printing labels and Manifest form.

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