Amazon FBA integration

Easily manage all parts of your Amazon FBA business with Sellercloud.

Ship multiple shipments to one address

Experience lightning-fast FBA delivery times and reduce your overall fulfillment costs with Sellercloud’s FBA Consolidated Inbound shipments. Simplify your logistics by shipping all your products to a single Amazon Fulfillment center, and take advantage of bulk shipping rates and cost savings on packing materials.

Optimize your FBA workflow

Lower your overall fulfillment costs and take advantage
of faster FBA delivery.
Inbound shipment creation

You can create FBA shipments and send inventory to FBA within Sellercloud.

Multichannel fulfillment

Send FBA inventory across multiple channels and manage all sales from one central location.

Predictive restocking

Take advantage of Sellercloud's forecasting for restocking your goods from your vendors and maintaining inventory levels in FBA.

Send your products in one FBA shipment

Consolidate your FBA shipments and send your stock to a single Amazon fulfillment center.

Automated FBA fulfillment

Create rules to automatically designate specific orders for FBA fulfillment.

Automated inventory management

Eliminate overselling and maintain accurate inventory availability across multiple channels.

Let your vendors send orders to FBA

Link FBA Inbound Shipments to a PO so vendors can ship your orders directly to Amazon.

Order management

Fulfill your orders, print shipping labels and send tracking information to customers.

Customizable workflows

Manage your Amazon FBA business in the way that best suits your needs.

Detailed reporting

Track your sales, profit margins, and other important metrics.

Keep track of all of your expenses

Include shipping costs as a direct expense of the product, giving a more accurate picture of the total cost of the goods sold.

FBA removals

Get your unfulfillable products back and available for sale faster.

Track Amazon FBA fees

Preview fees on all of your items and track product profitability on all orders.

Amazon FBA automation

Automate Amazon MCF and restock inventory automatically when it runs low.

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