Cahoot Fulfillment integration

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Key Features

Full service fulfillment

No need to split your inventory across multiple 3PLs. Cahoot’s full service fulfillment solution supports all marketplaces, DTC, B2B, FBM, FBA forwarding, and SFP.

Real-time inventory visibility, transparent warehouse metrics

Easy-to-use dashboard reports your orders, your inventory, and our fulfillment performance in real time.

Industry’s highest fulfillment standards

99.95% on-time shipping, near 0% fulfillment defect rate, 6-days a week fulfillment and more

Win the Buy Box

Turn on marketplace fast tags with SFP, Walmart 2-Day, and everywhere you sell.

Grow profitably and fearlessly

Boost the bottom line with the lowest cost fulfillment and discounted shipping rates.

Superior customer support

Track your inventory levels in Overstock and in multiple other channels.

Most secure consumer data protection

Unlike other providers, warehouses only see the bare minimum information needed to fulfill orders.

Ship with Cahoot and Sellercloud

Upgrade your omni-channel fulfillment with Cahoot’s integration with Sellercloud. Cahoot powers fast fulfillment for all channels with one large nationwide network. Sellers save money thanks to discounted shipping rates. Grow revenue with Seller Fulfilled Prime and Walmart 2 Day tags, while also increasing margin because of shorter zones and optimum carrier/service selection. The more you ship with Cahoot, the more you save.

Our partnership with Sellercloud eliminates any manual effort. Save time and stress with our seamless integration with all major marketplaces and DTC shopping carts. Don’t let niche solutions or point 3PLs limit your growth and profits.

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