Improve the effectiveness of your marketplace ad campaigns

Grow your sales and save valuable time without breaking the bank with Clocklocked.
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Sell more while cutting ad spend

  • 1

    Connect to your marketplace account and import your existing data

  • 2

    Create new campaigns and manage your daily budge

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    Create ad groups, product ads, and manage keywords

Unlock the potential of your business with Clocklocked

Get maximum ROI

Analyze past performance data and create laser-focused PPC campaigns that not only drive sales but expand your reach.

Precision targeting

Connect your products to high-intent shoppers using Clocklocked’s demographic and time zone data.

Track campaign success

Extract insights, calculate ACOS, track keywords, and generate comprehensive sales reports – all from one strategic vantage point.

Make you money go further

Distribute your daily budget with precision based on specific days and hours. Group campaigns and steer multiple profiles and accounts with ease.

Start and stop your ads whenever you want

Guarantee the best placement and timing for your marketplace ads.