Petra integration

Manage all parts of your e-commerce with Sellercloud.

Key Features

Product updates

Download and update your whole Petra product catalog into Sellercloud.

Dropship orders

Send orders to Petra to be shipped directly to the customer.

Order download

Seamlessly import your Petra orders and keep channels updated with the available inventory.

Inventory and price updates

Schedule inventory and price updates and create inventory rules to prevent overselling.

Tracking updates

Once you ship an order tracking information is sent to the sales channels that you are using.

More sales, less hassle

Improve efficiency and productivity by managing your entire e-commerce operation from a single platform.

Add more channels

Sell on more channels than ever with Sellercloud’s long list of integrations.

Start dropshipping with Petra and Sellercloud

Petra Industries is a distributor of consumer electronics and accessories with a catalog of more than 22,000 products from over 500 industry-leading brands.

Sellercloud integration with Petra automates the process of creating Petra products in your Sellercloud catalog. Through an FTP connection, inventory and items costs are updated on schedule. As with all vendor feeds, inventory rules can and should be set to help safeguard against overselling.

Using saved searches you can automate the selection of orders for dropshipping on schedule. After fulfillment, tracking can be automatically retrieved from Petra to update the orders.

Please note: While the basic integration structure remains the same, clients may need to have unique plugins developed for Petra catalog import and order export. Regular customization rates will apply. Please contact Sellercloud Support for more details.

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