Shipwire integration

Sellecloud makes your shipping operation so much smoother.

Key Features

Inventory sync

Once an order is placed, Sellercloud updates the existing quantities on Shipwire.

Order download and tracking

Your orders will be sent to Shipwire for fulfillment and you’ll receive order tracking updates directly from Sellercloud.

Gain control over your e-commerce

Manage all your e-commerce operations from one centralized platform.

Do more with less hassle

Take an omnichannel approach to your sales and grow your business.

Keep accurate stock levels

Know what you have across all channels at all times.

Sell smarter

Gain insight into your best-selling products with our reports.

Ship with Shipwire and Sellercloud

Shipwire is a leading commerce solution that provides logistics and fulfillment services worldwide for B2B and B2C customers.

Shipwire gives you access to more than 150 Ingram Micro managed centers, and its technology can manage shipments at many other 3PL warehouses. With this wide coverage, you can reduce shipping costs by strategically storing inventory close to your customer base and your suppliers.

Sellercloud integrates with Shipwire to pass inventory and orders between each other. Your multichannel orders will be sent over to Shipwire for the fulfillment, and Sellercloud will receive back confirmation and tracking when the order is shipped out to the customer. Likewise, inventory is synced. So when purchase orders are received at the Shipwire location, the updated inventory will sync back to Sellercloud to update the available quantity on the sales channels.

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