Product Updates: Skustack > App

Fix April 16, 2024

Enable ship from warehouse warning

We added a new setting in the Skustack App under Settings > Warehouse Management > Picklists. When you check Enable ship from warehouse warning, the app will show a message when you attempt to pick an order which has a Ship From warehouse different than the one you are currently logged into.

New February 26, 2024

Receive to Light

The Skublox Integration with Skustack gives you the ability to organize your warehouse processes with a variety of sorting methods, such as the new Receive To Light method. It combines the Cross-Dock and Pick-To-Light workflows allowing you to receive items from a vendor and immediately sort them on a Skublox lightwall for pending order shipping. This process aims to reduce the time and expenses linked with storage while optimizing the product sorting processes.

New February 8, 2024

Warehouse Region Filter for Putaway

We have added a Warehouse Region filter to the Putaway List module in the Skustack App. This can be especially useful for employees putting away stock because they can get assigned to a specific area of the warehouse and have a quick way of finding which lists are specifically in their region.

New February 8, 2024

Print UPC Instead of SKU

We have added a new device setting to the Skustack Application: Print UPC on PickList Product Order Confirmation Label. You can find it in the Warehouse Management section of your device settings under Picklists. When enabled, all picklist product order confirmation labels will be printed with the product UPC instead of the Product ID (SKU).

New January 23, 2024

Connect WiFi Printer

The Skustack mobile app now supports connecting to a Zebra label printer via WiFi. To establish the connection, make sure your Skustack device has the WiFi enabled and that the printer is switched on.  Then, choose the Wi-Fi connection type in Settings > Printer and fill in the printer’s IP address and port.

New January 22, 2024

Warehouse Transfer Notes and Search

The latest Skustack App version now supports adding custom notes in Warehouse to Warehouse transfers. Any notes added in the App will also be displayed in the Skustack Admin Portal and in Sellercloud. Additionally, when searching in the Warehouse Transfer module, you now have the option to Exclude fully received transfers by checking the box. This way, the results will only contain transfers that are still in progress.

Improvement July 31, 2023

Receive Items to Suggested Bins

When you are receiving inventory from your Vendor, Skustack will now automatically suggest bins based on which bin that same item was previously sorted into for that Purchase Order. This will help sort your products at the same time as receiving them and avoid mixing received items.

June 8, 2023

Work Order Titles

We have added the option to assign a Title to your Work Orders in Skustack. This will help you better distinguish between them, and the title can be used to optimize your workflow.

Improvement May 29, 2023

FBA Removal Pop-Up

When searching FBA Removals on the device, users can now select to Lock the pop-up to stay open. This allows users to continue searching Removals rather than finishing one, and following the steps to re-open the window to search for another.