Product Updates: Skustack > App

Improvement July 31, 2023

Receive Items to Suggested Bins

When you are receiving inventory from your Vendor, Skustack will now automatically suggest bins based on which bin that same item was previously sorted into for that Purchase Order. This will help sort your products at the same time as receiving them and avoid mixing received items.

June 8, 2023

Work Order Titles

We have added the option to assign a Title to your Work Orders in Skustack. This will help you better distinguish between them, and the title can be used to optimize your workflow.

Improvement May 29, 2023

FBA Removal Pop-Up

When searching FBA Removals on the device, users can now select to Lock the pop-up to stay open. This allows users to continue searching Removals rather than finishing one, and following the steps to re-open the window to search for another.

Improvement May 11, 2023

Enhanced Ticket Logging

You can now add Logs to an existing ticket from your Skustack device, as well as add logs from a previous date. This will be extremely useful when troubleshooting issues and preventing errors.

Improvement March 14, 2023

Sellercloud Bin ID

The Sellercloud Bin ID has been removed from the labels generated when using “Print Barcodes (Using Bin name)” and “Print Barcodes (Per Bin)”. Alternatively, we will print the bin name.

Improvement March 9, 2023

PO Documents – Images

Skustack now has the option to add images to PO documents. This enhanced feature allows you to create more visually comprehensive and informative PO documents.

Improvement January 23, 2023

PO Flagged Items

Items that are flagged will now be indicated in the PO. Also, flagged products will be updated with an icon indicator within the module.