Product Updates: Sellercloud > Catalog

Improvement November 20, 2023

Click to Copy SKUs

We have modified the Click to Copy button on the Manage Catalog page. If you select specific SKUs from the grid, the button will only grab the checked Product IDs. If none are selected, all SKUs loaded on the page will be copied to your clipboard. We have also added this functionality to the Product Details page. Click on the SKU pill at the top left of the page, and the ID will be copied.

Improvement November 13, 2023

Enabled Channels for Shadows

We have added a new column on the Shadows panel on the Shadow Toolbox page in Manage Catalog. You will now be able to see which channels each Shadow product is enabled for without having to navigate around in the interface. This is a great quick reference, and you can also click on any of the icons to be taken to that channel-specific properties page of the Shadow Product.

New November 1, 2023

Disable for All Channels

When a product in Sellercloud is Enabled for a sales channel, that means Sellercloud regularly sends automatic Inventory (and in some cases Price) updates to that marketplace. We have added a new action on the Product Details Page (Catalog) called Disable for all channels that will allow you to quickly disable all the channels for that SKU without having to go to each channel-specific properties page to uncheck the boxes.

New October 31, 2023

Download Shipping Templates from Walmart Marketplace Canada

Recently, Walmart updated their API to allow downloading predefined Shipping Templates and fulfillment centers for products for Walmart Marketplace Canada. We have added support for this in Sellercloud, and you will now be able to import existing Shipping Templates, set a Default one for your products, and set up your Sellercloud SKUs. This functionality mirrors exactly the workflow for Walmart Marketplace US, with one notable exception. The Walmart Canada API does not yet support mapping templates to SKUs, so for the time being, you will not be able to update listings’ shipping templates and fulfillment centers from Sellerloud.

Improvement September 25, 2023

Kit Weight Calculation

If you have Kit (Bundle) Products in your Catalog, there are two ways to configure their Shipping Weight. The first one is manually imputing values in the respective fields, or you can rely on a backend service to calculate them for you, based on the Components’ Weights. The latter is controlled by the Client Setting “Enable Kit Weight Calculation Once a day”. We have made a change to this workflow, to make sure that, if the setting is enabled, the Product Weight Fields of Kit Parents, will not be editable, instead, you can only change the Components’ weight, which will then automatically reflect on the Parent when the daily calculation runs.

Fix September 8, 2023

Walmart Marketplace Active Listings

We have improved the way we process the Active Listing Report from Walmart Marketplace. In cases where a SKU comes in with the report, that matches the Walmart Marketplace Merchant SKU of multiple products in Sellercloud, we will prioritize the Merchant Fulfilled SKU, instead of the WFS-Enabled SKU. For example, if there is a new listing, the non-WFS SKU in Sellercloud will be updated to Posted and Active.