Product Updates: Sellercloud > Catalog

New May 21, 2024

Kit Cost Ratio Even Split

We have added a new client setting: Use Equal Cost Ratio On Kit Disassembly When Not Defined. When enabled, disassembling multi-component Independent kits that don’t have a cost ratio configured will split the parent’s cost evenly between all the components instead of skipping the calculation.

New April 12, 2024

Import Products from BigCommerce

We have created a new plugin that allows you to import and create local products from BigCommerce using API, using your credentials set in the integrated company. The plugin also updates the details of products in Sellercloud if their Merchant SKUs match an active listing. Additionally, this workflow supports Variations and automatically sets the Matrix relationship.

Fix April 2, 2024

Merchant SKU Filter Change

By default, the Merchant SKU filter on the Manage Catalog page accepts multiple values separated by commas (e.g., SKU1,SKU2). However, this could become an issue if products have a Merchant SKU containing a comma: in that case, the system will assume that these are two separate values, and it will not display the correct result. For this reason, we have created a new Catalog Client Setting: Support Comma-Delimited Values In Merchant SKU Filter. When disabled, the Merchant SKU filter will expect a single value, but it can include commas.

New March 15, 2024

Create New ASINs

You can now Create new ASINs on Amazon from Sellercloud when posting your Products. To take advantage of the new workflow, your server must have an Update date after March 8th, 2024.  Then, you would need to ensure your products are ready for posting and their category and attributes are configured. You may need to contact Sellercloud Support to update the Amazon Product Types on you server.

Improvement February 20, 2024

Create Products from Shopify Listings

Sellercloud can now automatically create new local SKUs based on your Shopify Active Listings. Previously, you could only import your listings manually using a file. Going forward, you can enable the Auto Create Local Products setting on the Website General Company Settings. When enabled, along with the Allow Active Listings Download setting on the same page, Sellercloud will periodically download the active listings report and generate a Queued Job, which will create local SKUs. This process will occur overnight in order to prevent server slowness. This method will be especially useful when doing your initial Shopify setup, but it will also ensure that any new listings created directly in Shopify will be synced in Sellercloud automatically.

Improvement February 14, 2024

Search Keywords for BigCommerce

We have added a new field on the Website Properties page of products listed on BigCommerce: Search Keywords. Previously, in order to send search terms to BigCommerce, there needed to be a specific Custom Column, and it had to be specifically appointed on the Website General Company Settings for this purpose. Going forward, you can use the new field Search Keywords instead. The information from this field is included when performing the action Update Listing Part to Website. To take advantage of this new feature, make sure you have the latest version of the BigCommerce plugin installed on your server.

Improvement January 15, 2024

Clone Vendor Price

Cloning a Product in Sellercloud creates a new product in your catalog, which is a copy of the original item, but without some key information, such as inventory, cost, and price. However, you still have the ability to copy over some details. Along with the ASIN and UPC, we have now also added the option to replicate all the existing Vendor Prices.