Product Updates: Sellercloud > Settings

Improvement April 10, 2024

Dashboard: Saved Views

We have improved the Saved Views widget on the Delta Dashboard (Home Page). Until now, you could see only your Saved Views related to Orders, Catalog, and Purchase Orders. We have added the option to select 3 categories from a list of 11 available ones and pin the one you would like to load on the screen by default. 

New February 19, 2024

Back Market API: International

We have added support for integrating with international Back Market sites via API: CA (Canada), FR (France), and BE (Belgium). The only prerequisite to set this up is to have a Sellercloud company configured for the respective country. For example, in order to sell on Back Market France, the integration should be set up in a company with country code FR and currency EUR. Once this is done, you can follow the regular integration workflow.

New February 13, 2024

Manage Plugin Channels

We have added a Manage Plugin Channels page that lets you view and manage any integrations configured through the Plugin Wizard. You can see the companies created via this method and their plugin-integrated channel, access details about the associated scheduled tasks and plugins, configure any required custom settings and validate that everything has been set up properly.

New February 2, 2024

Update Billing Information

You are now able to submit a request to update your Billing Information directly through our Delta interface. Just click on your name in the top right corner of the screen, go to Account > Billing Information, and press the button. You will be redirected to a secure form, where you can add contact information and address and choose to provide credit card information, bank account details (ACH), or both. Your request will be validated against your team name, which is pre-filled when you navigate to the form directly from Sellercloud.

Improvement January 17, 2024

Multiple Groups Selection

We have updated the way the Product Group filter functions on all Manage pages: Catalog, Orders, Inventory, POs, Predictive Purchasing. You can now select multiple groups for your search, and the results will contain products from all selected groups independently. This means that if SKU A is in one group only, and you have selected its group along with others in the filter, SKU A will still show up. You are also now able to use the filter to search for products within a group or to exclude products contained in certain groups with the NOT IN option. This will give you more flexibility, especially in terms of using saved searches for Reports and Scheduled Tasks.

Improvement January 10, 2024

Queued Jobs Access Restriction

We have added a new icon to the Queued Jobs panel on the Employee Permissions page. When you click it, you will Enable Access to Only Self-Submitted Jobs for that user, and they will only be able to access the Queued Jobs they have submitted themselves. This is an additional security measure that will prevent employees from being able to view and download the generated export files for jobs, which may contain sensitive financial data, customer information, or anything else they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

January 8, 2024

Apply Permissions To Newly Created Companies

In Sellerloud, users can have one of two Roles, Client Admin or Employee, which determines permissions and access for that user across the interface and its functionalities. While a Client Admin will always have access to the whole account, Employee permissions are very flexible and once configured, you can decide which companies they would apply to. We have added a new checkbox to Apply Permissions To Newly Created Companies. When checked, the employee will automatically receive the same permissions, whenever a brand new company is created in your account.