Product Updates: Sellercloud > Settings

New June 19, 2024

Bulk Apply Security Templates

We have added a new action to the Manage Employees page: Apply Security Template. This action allows you to assign a Security Template to multiple Employees at once. Additionally, the modal also gives you the option to update which companies the selected users have access to, allowing for an even more streamlined workflow.

New June 17, 2024

Export a Queued Job

We have added the option to export your existing Queued Jobs to an Excel file from the Manage Queued Jobs page. The file will contain all available grid columns, such as Submitted By, Time Elapsed, Type, and Error. This can be useful for tracking operations and employees taking actions across Sellercloud.

New May 27, 2024

Apply Template to Employees

We have added a new action on the Security Template details page: Apply Template to Employees. Security Templates are a convenient way to create a set of User Permissions and then apply them to Emplyees with similar roles without having to set each individual permission. The new action allows you to apply a template to multiple employees at once, streamlining the process even further.

New May 14, 2024

Expires On Column for Tasks

We have added an optional Expires On column on the Manage Scheduled Tasks page. You can customize your columns by clicking the three dots menu in the top right corner. Expires On displays the date you have set for the task to stop executing automatically. You can also sort the grid results by that column.

New May 13, 2024

Camera Barcode Scanning

The Sellercloud Mobile Application supports scanning barcodes with your device’s camera. This functionality is available on all pages where you can Add Products (Orders, POs, FBA) or input Serial Numbers. You can also use single-scanning in the Global Search bar, where you can scan any Product Identifier, such as SKU, UPC, Serial Number, etc. In all the mentioned cases, simply press the blue barcode icon to open the camera and start scanning.

New April 25, 2024

Reebelo API Integration

You can now integrate your Sellercloud account with Reebelo via API. Contact our Support Team or your onboarding specialist to request the latest Reebelo Website Cart plugin. The new integration supports order download, listing new products, and automatically updating prices and inventory.

New April 22, 2024

Automate Company Settings Update

You can now create a Scheduled Task to automatically change the Safety Quantity and Fulfillment Latency values of your company’s [Channel] General Settings pages, which are used as the default values for products created under that company. This can be particularly useful when preparing your account before a holiday or any extended period of time during which you are not able to process orders.

Improvement April 10, 2024

Dashboard: Saved Views

We have improved the Saved Views widget on the Delta Dashboard (Home Page). Until now, you could see only your Saved Views related to Orders, Catalog, and Purchase Orders. We have added the option to select 3 categories from a list of 11 available ones and pin the one you would like to load on the screen by default.