Product Updates: Sellercloud > Shipping

Improvement September 26, 2023

Weight Calculation for Multi-Item Orders

For multi-item orders, Sellercloud automatically calculates the Estimated Shipping Weight based on the Product Weight of the items. We have added a Client Setting, previously only available to Server Admins, “Use Product Weight On Orders For Multi Items Order”, which you can disable in order to use the product’s Ship Weight for the estimated shipping weight instead. The Estimated Shipping Weight is displayed on the Order Details page and is used by Shipbridge when fulfilling orders.

New June 19, 2023

Amazon Signature Recommendation for Orders

We have incorporated the recommendation from Amazon for whether any given order should be shipped with Required Signature upon Delivery service. This order status will automatically apply to your orders in Shipbridge.

Improvement May 25, 2023

Divide Picklist Between Pickers

The option to “Divide into New Picklists” has been added to Delta called “Divide Picklist Between Pickers”. The functionality is the same as in the original interface and allows the users to select items from one Picklist and split them to make it easier if you have multiple pickers.

New March 6, 2023

Vendor Central Shipments Export

The recent update to Vendor Central Shipments Export is marked by the introduction of a new column for “Number Of Pallets/Cartons”. The column has been added to the Vendor Central Shipments Export.

New August 17, 2021

Ship via FBA

When shipping via FBA, we now have the option to use a non-Amazon branded box and the ability to block Amazon Logistics as a carrier for the selected order.