Product Updates: Skustack > Admin

New January 24, 2024

Transfer Kit Products

By default, SKU to SKU Transfers do not allow moving Kit Products. Instead, you have to transfer the components, which includes disassembly in the case of Independent Kits. We have added the Allow SKU Transfer For Kits Client Setting to the Skustack Admin Portal. When enabled, you will be able to include Kit Products (parents) to SKU to SKU Transfers, both in the App and the Admin Portal.

New August 18, 2023

Bin Adjusment Changes

We have updated the Inventory Adjustment functionality in the Skustack Admin UI. For your convenience, you can now find “Import Warehouse Bin Info” under the Product tab, as well as the “Bins” tab. We also changed the name of the other option to “Import Inventory Adjustments (Non-Bin Enabled)”, for easier navigation.

New February 21, 2023

Bin Search

You can now filter Sellable or Unsellable when searching Bins under the Manage Warehouse Bins in the Skustack platform.

New February 15, 2023

Order Management

You can now edit an order, cancel an order, as well as delete an order from within Skustack. These added functionalities help you manage your orders seamlessly within the Skustack platform.

New February 3, 2023

Import FBA Shipments

We added the ability to import FBA Shipments. The company must be FBA Enabled and have Amazon Credentials available.

Improvement January 31, 2023

Original BinName

On the mobile app when following the steps of Receiving > Receive PO > Select the PO > Create Put Away List, the Original BinName will be filled in Automatically if the setting to use the receiving bin is enabled.

New January 24, 2023

Saved View

The ability to save a view after filtering and sorting bins is now available. The user will be able to load that saved view without adding the filters each time.

New January 10, 2023

Bin Region

The region in which the bin is located can now be changed from within Skustack.