Product Updates: Skustack > Admin

Fix January 28, 2021

PO Warehouse Validation

When Client Setting “Validate PO warehouse when receiving in SKUStack” is enabled, only POs in which the receiving warehouse is the warehouse the user is logged into will be displayed in Skustack.

Improvement January 27, 2021

Order Picking Log

Order Picking Log will be recorded on the order history page to record when and who picked an order.

New November 17, 2020

Lot Number/Expiration Tracking Workflow

(Beta-only): Available for Skustack bin-enabled warehouses, the new Lot Number/Expiration Tracking workflow will let you track Lot Numbers, the PO they were received on, and the orders/FBA shipments they left on. This feature requires the Enable Lot Expiry Workflow in Skustack option in Sellercloud’s Client Settings and the products must be set to IsExpirable.

New November 16, 2020

Transfer Products in Bins

We have now added a new icon in Manage Bins that lets you easily bulk-transfer all products from the current bin to another one.

Improvement October 22, 2020

View PO Item Notes

PO item notes can be viewed while receiving (from the menu at the top right corner in the receive product dialog).