Product Updates: Skustack > Admin

New October 28, 2022

Prep Guidance

We now have the option to view prep guidance/instructions from the side swipe menu on the FBA Inbound Shipments Pick Activity.

New September 27, 2022

FBA Product Notes

We have added internal FBA product prep notes under the column name InternalFBAPrepNote. (These are hidden by default based on a backend setting EnableInternalFBAPrepNote, you should contact Sellercloud Support to enable this.)

New September 22, 2022

Expirable Products

We now have the ability to set products as Expirable through Skustack.

New July 30, 2021

WFS Shipments Picking

We have added a WFS Picking option under the Fulfillment tab that allows picking WFS shipments.

Improvement May 31, 2021

Force Product Scan

If setting “Force Product Scan” is enabled, you can pick replacement products in product-based and order-based picking.