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The BigCommerce Product Properties page in Sellercloud enables you to seamlessly manage the data of your BigCommerce listings. Integrating your Sellercloud account with BigCommerce allows you to configure various product properties and options. You can add attributes, view inventory, define prices, and much more. Once configured, you can accurately and efficiently Update Your Listings.

This article describes all of the available BigCommerce Product Properties in Sellercloud and includes links to related articles for more information. To explore other related topics, refer to our BigCommerce Category.

See Bulk Update Products to learn how to bulk-update BigCommerce product properties.

BigCommerce Product Properties

To access a product’s BigCommerce properties:

  1. Go to a Product Details Page.
  2. Click Toolbox and select Website Properties.

Here you can configure the following properties and settings:


EnabledStart sending automatic inventory and price updates to BigCommerce.
Merchant SKUA BigCommerce-specific product SKU.
Ready to PostIndicates whether the product is ready to post to BigCommerce. If you have an item that is not yet ready to post, hover over the section to see a pop-up that lists the missing attributes required to post the product on BigCommerce.


Safety QtyThe product’s Safety Quantity to be subtracted from the Available Qty and prevent overselling. This amount won’t be included in the inventory feed. If you check the Default box, you will pull the Safety Qty from your Company’s BigCommerce Settings by enabling the default safety quantity.
Disconnected From InventoryEnable to prevent Sellercloud from sending any further quantities to BigCommerce. The last sent quantity will remain there.
ReplenishableEnable for Replenishable Products that are consistently restocked or tend to restock quickly. It keeps your listings active and prevents you from missing out on potential sales, especially for hot-selling products.
Enable Default QtyDisplays a Default Qty field and Default checkbox. The default quantity only applies to Replenishable Products. For these products, the default quantity is the amount that will always be sent to the channel in inventory updates, regardless of the actual available inventory.
Max Qty EnabledEnables a maximum quantity to be sent to BigCommerce regardless of the total available quantity.


Website PriceThe Product Price that will be sent to BigCommerce. You can set a Default website price, which will use the Site/Retail Price instead.
Retail PriceThe retail price mirrors the Site/Retail Price field from the Product Details Page.
Price for WebsiteIndicates the product price to be applied with the next product price update.
Standard/List PriceThe Retail Price of the BigCommerce listing. Turn on the Enable List Price option in your company’s BigCommerce Settings to send the List Price (MSRP) with a strike-through.
Sale PriceAn advertised discounted product sale price.
Sale Price Start DateThe sale’s start date.
Sale Price End DateThe sale’s end date.
Tax ClassSelect the product’s tax class. The Enable Tax setting in your company’s BigCommerce Settings must be on for the value of this field to be sent to BigCommerce.

Listings Details

Website Product IDThe product’s BigCommerce-specific ID.
Website Product Variant IDA unique identifier used to link products and variants to their corresponding websites. Generated by BigCommerce.
Website CategoriesThe categories under which the product will be listed on BigCommerce.
AttributesThis option is not used for BigCommerce.
Description TemplateChoose one of your reusable templates and ensure that you give your clients consistent information across listings. Read more about Description Templates.
VisibilityChoose to show your product in the online store or physical store or hide it for the moment. BigCommerce allows hiding an active listing for physical stores, but it should always be included for online sales.
Short DescriptionDescribe your product in a few words.
Long DescriptionGive your product a more detailed representation.
Channel Specific DescriptionCustomize your product description for BigCommerce.
Item Includes Desc.This description briefly describes what the item consists of.
Meta TitleSet the title of the BigCommerce product page in the browser tab, search engine results, social media posts, and elsewhere.
Meta DescriptionSet the meta description of the BigCommerce page to provide a brief overview of the page content, which can help improve visibility in search engine results.
Meta KeywordSet meta keywords – a specific type of meta tag that appears in the HTML code of a web page and tells search engines what the topic of the page is. At this time, it is no longer considered an SEO ranking factor by Google.
Website HandleThis is a unique identifier assigned to each BigCommerce store. It is typically made up of a combination of letters, numbers, and/or words and is used to identify the store in the BigCommerce admin site.
UPC For ChannelSet the product’s UPC specifically for BigCommerce. If you don’t set it here, the default UPC from the Product Details Page will be sent.
Search KeywordsSearch keywords are additional search terms you enter to help customers find your products. This field is included when performing the action Update Listing Part to Website.


Handling FeeSet the product’s handling fee, either a fixed amount or a percentage.
Shipping TemplateSelect a shipping template with predefined shipping settings. You can create a shipping template by going to Company Settings > Toolbox > Channels > eBay Settings > Shipping Price Template.
Shipping RuleThis option is not used for BigCommerce.
Free ShippingIndicate that the product is being shipped for free.
Do not Send Variation Images to WebsiteEnable, and product images for variation items will not be sent to BigCommerce. BigCommerce will display the product image of the parent item instead.

Channel Images

This panel allows you to upload, store, and easily sync product images between Sellercloud and multiple sales channels. In addition, this panel allows for bulk image uploads, image editing, and image tagging for easier organizing.

Qty For Website

Local WarehouseThis field displays the specific warehouses with the inventory of the item. They must be mapped to a BigCommerce Location for the quantity to be included in updates.
Qty to SendThis field displays the number of units available in the corresponding warehouse.

Listing Details Extended

Custom Feed UrlSet a custom listing URL on BigCommerce and override the pattern set in the Custom Product Url setting below.
Custom Product UrlSet a pattern for the product listings’ URLs on BigCommerce. Possible values include SKU, PRODUCTNAME, SKU/PRODUCTNAME, or UPC. If this field is blank, Sellercloud will use the SKU.
Custom TitleThis option is not used for BigCommerce.
Custom MessageThis option is not used for BigCommerce.
Sort OrderUpdate a product’s Sort Order on BigCommerce.
Website Layout NameEnter a text file name for a template layout file created in BigCommerce.
CommissionThis option is not used for BigCommerce.
Search Results Title This option is not used for BigCommerce.
Allow Back OrderEnable Backorders, allowing you to process orders even if the item is out of stock. This setting is useful if you have a large number of customers and want to maximize your sales by offering items that may not be in stock at the time of the order.
Inventory StatusSelect the product’s current inventory status.


To access the actions menu:

  1. Go to a Product Details Page.
  2. Click Toolbox and select Website Properties.
  3. Click Actions.
  4. Select from the following options:
    1. Post to Website – Create a product listing on BigCommerce or update existing product listings. With this action, you can ensure that all of your product listings are up-to-date.
    2. Update Inventory to Website – This action syncs the stock levels of your product with BigCommerce’s inventory. This ensures that your customers receive accurate, up-to-date information about the availability of your products.
    3. Update Price to Website – Allows you to update the prices of your product on BigCommerce. This action is usually used when you want to update the prices of your products on BigCommerce without having to wait for the next automatic update.
    4. Disconnect from Inventory – This will Disconnect an Inventory Item from your BigCommerce store. This action will remove the item from the store, but it will not delete the item from Sellercloud. The item will remain in Sellercloud but will no longer be associated with your BigCommerce store.
    5. Update Listing Part to Website – This action allows you to update the product descriptions, search keywords, and images on your BigCommerce website.
    6. Restrict/Unrestrict For Channel – It is used to temporarily restrict any information for that product to be sent to BigCommerce. This includes automatic Inventory and Price updates or even posting on BigCommerce.

Bulk Actions

Some of the BigCommerce-related product actions are also available to perform in bulk:

  1. Go to Catalog > Manage Catalog.
  2. Find products and then select them by checking the boxes on their left.
  3. Click the blue Actions icon on the bottom right.
  4. Choose an action:
    • Launch on Channel..
    • Enable/Disable For Channel…
    • Update Inventory on Channel
    • Update Prices on Channel
    • Export Channel Missing Information…
    • Export Channel Category Suggestions
    • Update Images On Channel
    • Export Channel Info…
    • Restrict/Unrestrict For Channel
    • End Listing On Channel…
  5. Once you choose an action, a pop-up window will appear, where you must set the Channel to Website.
  6. Once done, Sellercloud will send information for the selected products to BigCommerce.
These actions will send information to BigCommerce only for products created under BigCommerce-enabled companies.

Additional BigCommerce Properties

You can create the following Custom Product Columns to update even more fields on BigCommerce:

BC_ORDERQUANTITYMINIMUMSets the product’s minimum purchase quantity (order_quantity_minimum field).
BC_ORDERQUANTITYMAXIMUMSets the product’s maximum purchase quantity (order_quantity_maximum field).
BC_AVAILABILITY Sets the product’s BigCommerce Availability.
BC_AVAILABILITY_DESCRIPTION Sets the product’s availability description (availability_description field).
BC_PREORDER_MESSAGESets a preorder message (preorder_message field).
BC_PREORDER_RELEASE_DATESets a preorder release date (preorder_release_date field).
BC_IS_PREORDER_ONLYTrue or False, sets the product as pre-order only (is_preorder_only field).
BC_INVENTORY_TRACKINGWhen the setting Ignore Current Inventory When Determining Tracking is enabled, the inventory_tracking field on BigCommerce will depend on this custom column. The accepted values are none, variant, or product. By default, variant is set to the product when it is a matrix parent, and product is set for a normal product.
BC_IS_PRICE_HIDDENTrue or False, hides the product’s price (is_price_hidden field).
BC_PRICE_HIDDEN_LABELIf the BC_IS_PRICE_HIDDEN column is set to True, this label will be displayed in place of the price (price_hidden_label field).
WARRANTY Sends the product’s warranty information to BigCommerce (warranty field).
BC_OPTIONSETIDThe numerical ID of the Option Set in BigCommerce. Used to post variation products to BigCommerce V2.

You also have the option to upload videos for your listings from YouTube. To do this, you need the following Product Custom Columns:

  • BC_YOUTUBE_URL – (length: 500 characters, data type: string) The plugin will extract the video ID from the URL in this field and send it to BigCommerce.
  • BC_YOUTUBE_TITLE – (length: 250, data type: string) Set a title for the video in this field.
  • BC_YOUTUBE_DESC – (length: 500, data type: string) Add a description for the video.

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