Product Updates: Sellercloud

New February 6, 2024

Biometrics Authentication

We have implemented faster login with Fingerprint, Face, and Touch ID for the Sellercloud Mobile App. This enables you to allow biometric authentication for your Sellercloud application, which will securely store your Sellercloud credentials and allow for a very quick and hassle-free login experience.

The feature is available for devices that support biometric authentication, and you have already opted in for biometric unlock. After your first successful login with your credentials, you will see a prompt asking for permission to start using biometrics. If you are already using the app, you will need to update it to the latest version from the App Store for iOS or from Google Play for Android.

New February 2, 2024

Update Billing Information

You are now able to submit a request to update your Billing Information directly through our Delta interface. Just click on your name in the top right corner of the screen, go to Account > Billing Information, and press the button. You will be redirected to a secure form, where you can add contact information and address and choose to provide credit card information, bank account details (ACH), or both. Your request will be validated against your team name, which is pre-filled when you navigate to the form directly from Sellercloud.

New January 31, 2024

Refresh BigCommerce Order

You can now perform the Refresh Order from Website action on the Order Details page of your BigCommerce orders. If any changes have been made to the order directly on your website, such as new order item quantities, this action will bring those changes into Sellercloud. The action will only work if the order is not Cancelled, Shipped, or set to Dropship. You need the latest version of the BigCommerce plugin to take advantage of this update.

New January 30, 2024

RMA Approval Filter

We have added a new filter to the Manage RMAs page: RMA Approval Status. This is a custom filter you can find in the dropdown, and it allows one or several of the following values: Approved, Denied, Awaiting more Info, Pending Review.

Improvement January 29, 2024

Rule Engine: Allow Shipping Without Payment

We have added a new Action to the Order Rule Engine: Allow Shipping Without Payment. If your workflow involves regularly shipping orders that have partial payment or are not charged, you can use this new feature to automate the approval process, instead of marking each order manually. To use this action, you need to ensure that the necessary Client Setting (Allow shipping unpaid orders) and Company Shipping Preference (Allow shipping regardless of payment status for selected customers) are also enabled.

New January 26, 2024

Available in Warehouse of Picklist

We added a new filter to the Products panel of the Picklist Details page. You can now filter the SKUs based on their available quantity in the warehouse specified on the Picklist. The Available in Warehouse of Picklist filter supports values All – display all products, Yes – display only products that have sufficient quantity, and No – display SKUs that do not have sufficient inventory. The calculation includes Shadow quantities as well.  This can help you identify potential setbacks ahead of the picking process and, as opposed to the Has Available Inventory filter, which checks all sellable warehouses, Available in Warehouse of Picklist allows you to narrow down the information even further.

Improvement January 25, 2024

Shopify Orders: Partial Cancellation

By default, when you perform the Cancel/Issue Refund action on the details page of an unshipped Shopify order, the whole order is cancelled. However, if the ShopifyEnableQtyBasedOrderCancellation admin setting is enabled, that same action will take you to a page where you can select specific products and quantities. Then, the selected SKUs will be Split into a new order set to Cancelled, while the rest will remain in the Parent order, marked as Partially refunded. This will allow you to still ship part of the order. Contact Sellercloud Support to ensure the setting is enabled for your account.

Improvement January 17, 2024

Multiple Groups Selection

We have updated the way the Product Group filter functions on all Manage pages: Catalog, Orders, Inventory, POs, Predictive Purchasing. You can now select multiple groups for your search, and the results will contain products from all selected groups independently. This means that if SKU A is in one group only, and you have selected its group along with others in the filter, SKU A will still show up. You are also now able to use the filter to search for products within a group or to exclude products contained in certain groups with the NOT IN option. This will give you more flexibility, especially in terms of using saved searches for Reports and Scheduled Tasks.